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The Hills Have Eyes Haleland Park, Maraval Hash Run #924 GoPro

26 Apr

Credit: Jason Dooloosingh


Trash Run #872 – Haleland Park

29 Aug

trash run 872 haleland park

Photo Gallery – Run 872 – Haleland Park

17 Aug

Photos courtesy: Ashe Holder

Run Directions – Run #872 – Haleland Park, Maraval

9 Aug

Run Directions #872

Location: Haleland Park, Maraval
Hares: The Dis-Honorables
Date: Sat Aug 16th, 2014
Time: 3:30PM Set-Off!!

Proceed along Saddle Rd into Maraval. Go past Morne Coco Road, passing Maraval Police Station & Maraval TTPost [All ON LEFT].
Just after passing Haleland Park Villas [ON RIGHT], keep straight onto Perservarance Road into Haleland Park/ Moka. Run site is at triangle opposite Villa Maria Hotel. Food on sale – Chicken & Fish.

!! NOTE: Due to the nature of terrain & trails, the run will set off at 3:30PM – No EXCEPTION. !! Those arriving after the start time are advised NOT to set off on the trail. Please be early for the briefing before the run.

Run Directions – Run #819

3 Oct

Directions to the next run #819

Date: Oct 13, 2012
Time: 3:30pm
Hares: Two Butts
Run Site: Trinity CollegeVilla Maria Hotel, Moka, Maraval

From KFC in Maraval proceed along Saddle Road. to Trinity College in Moka. The run site is at the football field. Continue along Saddle Road, passing the church on the hill, the gas station and then Haleland Park on the left – you will come to a fork in the road – take the left fork. (right side will take you to Maracas/Santa Cruz – don’t go there).
The run site is by the grassy area just after the taking the left fork Look for HHH signs.