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Trash Run – #843

25 Aug

hash trash 842


Photo Gallery – Vega de Oropouche 2013

17 Aug

Run Directions – Run #843 – Vega de Oropouche

13 Aug

Vega de Oropouche
Mahashma/ Papa Smurf

Head East towards Valencia. At Valencia junction veer left as headed to Toco. At the Valencia Road/Toco Main Road junction, turn right [towards Sangre Grande] and drive until you come to the ” Check It Out Bar” on the left at the Vega de Oropouche Road junction. Turn left at the bar and drive 6.9km onto Rio Grande Forest Rd to run site. Follow HHH signs.
Map: http://tinyurl.com/kmsvvco

Photo Gallery – Vega de Oropouche

30 Jul

Trash Run #807

30 May


HASH MASTER Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
HASH ASSISTANT Pradeep Subrian 678-2372 psubrian@bluewaterstt.com
COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Zameer Ali 678-9172 u4ria532@hotmail.com
FINANCE MINISTER Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
Arthur Seebalack
Tiza Matura
Martin Griffith
Ashe Holder
Janine Winston
Colin Sorias
Betty Agostini
Diane Henderson
Website Address: http://poshhh.org
806 May 12, 2012 Mahashma, Papa Smurf, Unforgiven (Harold) and a villager Vega de Oropouche Orocle Fish

Line Break - On-On Feet

‘When Ah was young, Ah never needed anyone
and making love was just fuh fun, those days are done…
Doh Wanna Be All By Muhself! Doh wanna bee ‘

Arriving 30 minutes after de pack has gone gives one time fuh introspection. It’s amazing de things yuh mind can conjure.
“Doh worry tuh try it” quote Arlene & Asha & somebody else (Ah forget who) coming back from ah trail walk “Dey left before we started to walk 20 minutes ago. Dey said de forest real dense, dangerous, and perilous even, and dat everyone should stay with de pack, dat it was plenty false trails and if anyone gets lost dey won’t be able tuh find them, plus yuh might get swallowed in de swamp. Yuh crazy, yuh too late!”

Abnormally for muh tuh be in de company of a dubious sophomore virgin bimbo wannabe who emphasized and regurgitated dat hysteria above and dat of course made the challenge irresistible tuh muh chest hair…
“Which direction dey went?”
“Into de bush” quote A & A etal pointing.

Yuh can conjure it, off Ah went dragging de sophomore along; but dat didn’t last as she turned back at de first puddle o’ mud, quoting “Wen dey get back ah go send dem to get yuh”, “Ah fraid snakes”
‘All by muhself, doh wanna bee’ singing, ah hear, can have ah calming effect, even if silently, in counterpoint tuh de raucous chilling call of de cicadas’ dat ah knew were just 2 inch sized males desperate tuh mate… hmmm… remind yuh of anyone.
‘Doh wanna bee’, getting tuh any Ex.’s ah thought. Ah turning back sure. Lo and behold next thing ah see in yuh mammy derriere ah – X. Ah long uphill !#&! one, dat from de well trodden trail up tuh it caught most ah de pack. But de check wasn’t broken so dey didn’t back track dat far. So golly, dis is de ‘go-no go’ point …and who likes humble pie? ‘Doh wanna bee’ Darn it! In haste ah forget de ‘OFF’ and all kinda thing stinging.

‘Doh wanna be’ Having yuh first encounter with tropical swamp tree roots by tripping head first into freshly muddied thigh-deep water. Nah use trying tuh find ah safe clean way through. De Mahatma’s photo was worth a thousand spills. Buh de swamp trees are magnificent, snake-like roots and all. OMG! De pack went thru here?!! Well ah better ‘man-up’ and like Mags said later quote “Run like ah beast”

‘Doh wanna be’ shouting “How R Uuuu…?” and hearing it go on forever… like dropping a pebble into a hole tuh test de depth and hearing … silence. Doh wanna be, quote “having tuh fish around in de swamp tuh retrieve yuh shoes sucked in by de mud” well conjure dat. Doh wanna be de person dropping ah empty Blue Waters bottle fuh muh tuh clean up… Or de cap ah mile further down trail, quote Crystal “De cap drop in de water how yuh expect muh tuh find dat?” Ah dunno “Wait fuh it tuh float ashore… “

Doh wanna be ungrateful fuh Nitin’s new bride who so slow enough tuh allow muh catch-up tuh ah friendly face, and tuh Richard a comforting sight sweeping up the back pack and, after much convincing, not allowing muh tuh do de river loop. (Betcha-by-golly-wow! we went thru de swamp!!!) Doh wanna be seeing anymore water on de hash for awhile, river, sea, any kind.
Doh wanna be, de ninny who read de ONIN as de NINO and lead de pack back down de trail, de wrong way. Doh wanna be, convincing de lady complaining not impressed by muh assertion dat quote “mud is good if yuh embrace it, like snow”
Doh wanna be, partying all night, in de middle of nowhere since de Hash acquired a spanking new power supply dat allows us tuh down-down ’til morning come… Thanks FT Farfan. Doh wanna be numbnuts in ah birthday suit, or harper in ah candle hat, or nitin in lingerie… Doh wanna be, eating peleau peleau peleau all de time; wah bout sum Dumpling? Saltfish? Bhaggi? Bygone? Dhal? Oildown? De burger-man even? Doh wanna be like, tuh quote de caterer girl “De mistah fall splat! On he arse, but he hold on tuh he food”

Doh wanna be partying at de ‘Check Out Bar’ and hearing bout ah overseas hash clash boycott. Like Jimmy Adams said about WI cricket, quote “you support whoever is in de position” Doh wanna be letting Hayden, or Salma, put de pepper on yuh chicken. Doh wanna be de Check Out Bar’s Angel Gabriel sprinting with ah Harp and biting dust… “if yuh weren’t dere – yuh real miss out.” ON ON!

Line Break - On-On Feet

From the Office of the Iron Lady

Run of the year….virgin terrain, enough bushe, water, swamp, bawling ladies, plenty beer, good food and a great after lime by Check-Out Bar….There was even a race or a sprint (if you want to call it that) by the bar, after 9.oo pm with a villager (Andrew Cabral) who was warming up for a race at 6.00 am the next day and our very own Curtis Harper (I just had to whisper in his ear you running for a bottle of rum) and that was it Curtis barefooted out shined the bare-back villager.

Welcome to our virgins, it was nice to have you: Kevin, Phil, Josie, Cherry-Ann, Carl

Happy Birthday: Numbnuts, Curtis Harper and Sofie

Poofter: Harold Lee aka unforgiven was a hare on this run and he got lost with some hashers.

Advisory for Run#811 – Down D Islands at Chacachacare on the 23rd June 2012

This is an advisory and for you to respond with regards to run# 811 which will take place Down D Islands at Chacachacare on the 23rd June 2012
There will be a cost for the transport at a minimum of TT$50.00/person (adult or child), but with your response with a commitment for that day, will determine the size of boat to be used. The more the merrier, but maximum 180 persons.

This will be a day event commencing from 10:00am leaving for “Chac” and returning at 5:00pm. You will be required to walk with your meals, (coolers by choice), the hash bar will be on site as usual.
child), but with your response with a commitment for that day, will determine the size of boat to be used. The more the merrier, but maximum 180 persons.
Please advise Wahid <lopezwm@yahoo.com>with your commitment by 27th May 2012.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Directions to the next run

Date: Jun 9, 2012
Time: 3:30p.m.
Hares: Richard (Burger Man) & Hayden
Run Site: Frankies Restaurant & Bar, Corner Alberto Street & Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook