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Trash Run #821

12 Nov


HASH MASTER Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
HASH ASSISTANT Pradeep Subrian 678-2372 psubrian@bluewaterstt.com
COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Zameer Ali 678-9172 u4ria532@hotmail.com
FINANCE MINISTER Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
Arthur Seebalack
Tiza Matura
Martin Griffith
Ashe Holder
Janine Winston 680-2373
Colin Sorias
Betty Agostini
Diane Henderson
Website Address: http://poshhh.org

Line Break - On-On Feet

DATE: October 25 -27, 2012

FROM: Trinidad to Tobago Hash Weekend 2012

RUNS: #820/#821/#821A

HARES: The Big Dicks and The Casuals


So it's that time again			No matter where yuh from
Hashing in sun or rain			Tobago here we come.
Ibo Ibo reach early				In time to start the fun
And so he surprise we			On the Monday evening run.
Midweek, others coming			Ah see Latchmi, ah see Sharon
Guyana  representing			And Suriname had one. 

So Thursday from Carnetta's Inn			Hike to Rincon Waterfall
Led by Minister Colin					Those who went had a ball.
Of course important stop to make		At Maracas Bay
To get some tasty shark and bake		That made some people's day.
Reach back in time for extra hash		From Invaders panyard
Boobs and Dewey Eyes would get two lash	If they make it too hard.
On In and the beers start to flow		In the usual way
Carib by so,  Stag by so				Hashers start to play.      
Then maxi -taxi if yuh please			Full of yellow jerseys
And as I ask well who is these			Ah hear Surinamese
They reach in time for dinner			They really buss up shut
Paratha, Chicken, channa				Was tasting good – say what.
Then the dancing start					Talk about sweet pan
They warm up Vera's heart				"Happy Birthday" from the band.
And then one more surprise				Before the night was done
Suris ent believe their eyes			Ravic reach from Washington.
Meanwhile in the sister isle			They say was rain for so
Yuh know how dem hashers wild			Rain kyah stop dem – oh no.

Next day we meet a delay		Up in Piarco
Miss de hash? – ah say no way		We must reach Tobago.
And just how in the airport		Was delay with aeroplane
This time the buses were short		So was more delay again
But we reach the Plymouth run site	Where the hash began
Look like we'll finish in de night	Depending on how hashers ran
Well it was an A to B			More than a stroll in the park
And we end up in the sea		And do the down-downs in the dark.
And still no sight of Colin		Nobody seemed to know  
Was it who was not coming		That's why he failed to show.
But back to the apartments		And everybody eat
The action has to commence		So stretch yuh dancing feet
They say dance competition		Trinis say no problem
When she show them she motion		Party Animal beat dem
Ah don't know what they were thinking	Like they didn't have a clue
Somebody say beer drinking		Trinis beat them in that too.
Time reach for karaoke			Hashers start to stretch dey lung
Some still couldn't find their key	But the machine break down.
So they call for entertainment		The action must not stop
And for the crowd's  enjoyment		A woman came up
This tiny little balloon		She made the hashers know
That it could stretch and have room	For a head big so.
Then a man started singing		Ah not sure what he meant
It sound like it was hashing		But also something different
He tell meh  "macco and take note	It is two kinds of fun
You'll see who enjoying both		Before the weekend done.
The party continued			Everyone satisfied
DJ keeping the right mood		Wine-down,  Electric Slide
And for who feeling hungry		And start to get laid back
Jerk Chicken,  Pholourie		Welcome midnight snack.
The music stop at 2:00 a.m.		Dat's when de party done
But yuh know de hashers and dem		Kyah say who had what fun.

Next day some get up early		And start to prepare
Breakfasses  aplenty			Everybody coulda  share
To the beach some start going		Yuh kyah beat Store Bay
Now e-mails started flowing		What could they have to say?
Ah see man getting haircut		Under a shady tree
By now the temperature so hot		Cold beers screaming "look me"
Ah don't know where the morning went	But lunch time came so soon
Eat lunch and then the next event	Hash in the afternoon
Before anybody could say		Section 34
Buses reach to Canoe Bay		What could they have in store?
 We ran through some lovely terrain	We reach down to the sea
Out to the road and back again		Another  A to B
Well as the hashers ran			A bull made an advance
Some say it saw a man			And wanted some romance
But Anne took a dive			He say no ifs or butts
And somehow he survive			Despite bruises and cuts.
And like the hash went up a notch	A drinks stop on the way
Hashers  being served Scotch		For that Joanne would pay.
Yesterday was the Big Dicks		But was'nt hard at all
And today the verdicts			Cocky, but just casual
Then swimming, drinking, dancing	And we do the down-downs
 Birthdays celebrating			They make them look like clowns
Two folks swim and climb in a boat	Till we kyah see them no more
To finish a conversation		Started the night before.

Back at the apartment			Dinner laid out for all
Build up of excitement			For the Monster Ball
Ah see hasher playing hasher		Yuh could guess who ah mean
They couldn't beat Count Dracula	Courting the lovely Christine
Afterwards, big band take the stage	Is time for real fete
Full works from Second Imij		Heavy two hour set.
And as the clock say midnight		Corn soup and fish broth served
Warming up meh chest just right		What the hashers deserved
Some time around one-thirty		A hash run through the compound
This one was an A to Sea		Ah hear the guards dem frown
It was the usual suspects		That is all except one
The hashers that one expects		But how come Wilco miss this run?
By the time the fete finish		Some heading down to sea
Like they had a secret wish		To see what they could see    
But the moon looking down laughing	Trying to make out who is who
Of those who skinny dipping		And who chunky dunking too 

Soon after I was in meh bed		Ah sleep till morning reach
By the time that I raise meh head	Ah see some on the beach
Meanwhile the hashers through and through	Had gone off on a run
But I know that I could do			Without that morning sun.
Now some just taking it in stride	Others playing it cool
While some gone for a boat ride		To Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool .
Now on this final morning			Man trying to drink out beers 
Farewells – hugging and kissing		But I ent see no tears    

Ah want to recognize				Who help put on this show
Some of us don't realize			This don't happen just so
Plenty hard working people			Ah could'nt help but notice
To call names might cause trouble	Because some might get missed.
So to you Iron Lady					Tobago 2012 was great
And so from everybody				We heartily congratulate.

Hash Correspondent reporting from Tobago
For POSHHH Hash Trash

Line Break - On-On Feet

821 Oct 27, 2012 The Casuals Canoe Bay, Tobago FRB (Front Running Bastard)

Having missed the run hared by “The Dicks” on Friday, I was pretty eager to get in some good running before the night’s festivities. After a decent lunch, I got myself very well lubricated, as is customary, before a Saturday afternoon run. Some good banter with Betty & Lorin & some other hashers, and then I was all set!

The buses were on time, so everyone was all in tow for a ‘Casuals’ Run’. A short ride in good company & we arrived somewhere within the Canoe Bay estate for a “3 o’clock” run!! Hmmm., talk ’bout punishment for these hashers today. I figure the run time has something to do with the festivities planned for later on in the night, but, oh gosh…3 o’clock! The place was real hot! I actually considered finding some shade and waiting around for the moonlight run – but I may have been the only one on it! However, my relaxed disposition had me looking to catch up on some friendly exchanges in the meantime.

So we’re awaiting instructions from the hares – dressed like they’re about to venture on the “Tour de Tobago”. I wonder where are their bikes? Assuming the podium was a smug fella by the name of Ivan; who was spirited by the fact that the run would actually kick off at 3 o’clock exactly. No comment there. The pack was a sizable one by normal standards; a melting pot of different hashing nationalities – some runners, some walkers, some groupies. Five minutes later, and we were no doubt peremptorily hurried into the 3:00pm swelter.

On-On on the asphalt, off on to a trail, back on the asphalt; a false trail; up the road, then onto the trail again. We’re in the bush now – salvation from the sun above, but nonetheless a hot and humid afternoon. Some nice wide trails avail us hashers, with gullies to the side that reek of black muck. I personally had to test the consistency of the gully – a reminder that my long jumping skills are a bit rusty. Shortly into the run, there was no more pack, just the customary FRBs. There were some long false trails, but no great difficulty in locating the correct paths. We pass some livestock here and there and one seemingly large, placid adult male bovine. Fifty minutes later and we pass Francie and a group of hares – I would find out shortly afterwards that was the On-In. A decent stretch onto the beach area at Kilgwyn Bay would mark the end of this run.

Looking back when we were standing on the asphalt under the hot sun, it would have been difficult to put this run into perspective. But it was just what was needed for this pack on this day; a relatively short, free-flowing hash run. Great job by the hares!
The after lime was equally gratifying – with the draft beer van awaiting our arrival, Hash DJ already jamming the soca music. What more could a hasher ask for? Soon, mostly everyone took to the water – beer flowing freely. For me the highlight was the mood around – a real nice time being had by everyone.

Well not everyone – seems that the large domesticated ungulate mentioned a few paragraphs before; shall we say it was not so domesticated after all. One of the Surinamese hashers found out to his detriment. Guy got Poofter even after “getting bulled” – Ahh the life of a hasher….On On

Line Break - On-On Feet

821a Oct 27, 2012 Randall, David J, Victor, Hayden, Christine, Flash, Tall Boy and well maybe Ashas Leilani Estate, Maracas Valley, St. Joseph,Trinidado Not me

I understand that A Flash Hash was the name given to this hash run as a result of two drinking (notice I did not say drunken) ladies cornering Flash, the week before a hashing Saturday and getting her to agree to set a run while the POSH3 was in Tobago. Flash has never done a hash far less set a hash! Not content with that achievement, they proceeded to look around for a suitable run site and hares with just over a week before the run….Robin and Randall were ‘volunteered’ – Hayden, Victor and David Jamison (story to follow) were lassoed in! Plans were in motion to set a hash in a flash with Flash..

I arrived at the run site on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to see the ladies sipping their drinks while food fuh so was being prepared. Music blasted from a sophisticated boom box/ amplifier and all around there was an atmosphere of …. well, not exactly a hash run.

The Leilani Estate is located amidst the lush forestry of the Maracas Valley, still one of the most beautiful valleys in Trinidad despite the development of recent years. The run site was river side and from all appearances we were in for a river lime!

The run was billed for 3pm but it seems that no one notices these things, so I had enough time to get into some of the gossip. Apparently Asha had been too hung over to get out of bed that morning to set the run, so aforementioned Jamison had dragged himself out after flying in from Dallas and Miami, arriving home after midnight the night before. He was presently still out setting the run and had looked like death when Christine had taken lunch time refreshments for the hares.

By 3.30pm, I looked around to see only a handful of people and thought to myself, well we have some good food to eat today – Curry goat, geera pork, chicken, saltfish cassava, accra – but then they started coming in. Enrique and his band of 7, Robert and Usha, Pinny and Reina, The Hale Group, Salma and the Sisters, two fit looking ladies, the BP connection, Wahid, Richard Sinatra, Risa, Nick and Virgin Molly, Boos, Mawer, …just to name a few.

Looked like this was indeed going to be a good lime….

The Hash Hush was called by Pinny…. wha d!…. Yes Pinny!……Hares were introduced and we were advised that this was to be considered a fun run despite the two headed snake that was encountered while setting the run.

Off we set along the road, down into the river for an early wet shoes and then back onto the road to a check on the corner. Christine was responsible for this first check and I saw her mischievous grin from her car window!
Back check back to the run site and we were off into the bush. Slipping and sliding over the river rocks we then clawed our way out of the river and then trekked along the Maracas waterfall trail up to the picnic area where once again we encountered the ladies sipping their drinks.

So where is the beer stop?

Not now we were told!

ON UP, climbing over rocks, but still enjoying the greenery. ON UP to the waterfall and a cooling dip at the falls. Beautiful.
There was only one way to go from there – ON DOWN, on the same trail!
As we headed down, we saw the walkers almost to the falls looking for a waterfall with a pool(?) Hayden had told them that they did not have to walk to the falls since there was another pool and waterfall without the long climb. Being Hayden, he had passed the trail down to those falls and the walkers had climbed almost the full length of the trail! Despite his name, he is clueless at hay’ den seek…..I know that is a bad one!

ON DOWN towards the other waterfall – a tricky narrow trail but so worth it. A cooling dip in the pool and we were once again ON ON.
Back at the picnic area, Christine and Flash had finally decided to open the beer cooler and feeling nice and refreshed we sipped our beers and proceeded ON IN.

Not the usual hash run since there was not much to be done with that terrain but we all agreed : it was a pleasant time, at a good location and the hares had done a fine job.
We were now ready for D LIME!

Down, Down time. Pinny assisted by Reina called the hash hush.

The hares, even Asha, took their down downs – Flash took her shot of rum!

Virgins: Partick, Marie and Darian came with Enrique but Molly preferred to just come with Nick!

Poofter nominations: Asha (of course), Hayden for misleading the walkers and Victor for sending the young boys to the waterfall in search of women bathing naked…

And it was Victor as Poofter.

Many thanks to Robin Bassant for providing the run site, the fantastic meal, Tall Boy and the cooks. More excuses for down downs!

Bellies full of curry, and coolers full of beer, we partied to Richard’s music until the moon shone over us and our coolers were empty…then headed out in search of bars!!!!

Not a bad way to spend a Hashing Saturday when almost the whole hash was in Tobago! We were not feeling that sorry for ourselves anymore!


Line Break - On-On Feet

From the Office of the Iron Lady

Tobago 2012……a weekend that would be remembered by all, each person having their own moment and experience, but Tobago 2011 is still clear as day to me, I remember at the Monster Ball the Saturday night when Eggie stood by my side with his hands folded and said Taz next year we have to do better than this and I said to myself how could you possibly do better, but you know when people are highly motivated and supported the impossible becomes possible. My support team from the travel agency, the bus drivers, Reed, Gizelle, Colin, Spuds, Cyril, Betty, Peter, Francie from Barbados, Paul from Suriname, Latchmie from Guyana, Andre (beerman), Andrew (chef), Nigel (Dj), The Big Dicks, The Casuals, the hash silent corporate sponsors, Eric and Marita, Robert Bermudez, Sports & Games, Trinrico, Martin, Pradeep, Arthur, Tiza, my daughter and my darling Ashe……you made it happen….Thank You…..it is because of you guys we had great runs, good after hash limes, delicious food and cold beers. Special thanks to our Trini hashers who kept the POSH flag flying high while we were in Tobago.

Poofter:…Zameer Ali for not knowing his priorities and going to golf with Matt and then coming to the hash to lime.


DATE: November 24, 2012
RUN SITE: Las Cuevas
Time: 3.30pm

Directions: Drive along North Coast Road passing Maracas……passing Tyrico….next beach Las Cuevas. Run site: Las Cuevas Beach Facility Car Park.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Receding Hareline

823 November 24, 2012 Doon Las Cuevas
824 December 8, 2012 Hash Master’s Run All Inclusive Christmas Party $175.00
825 December 22, 2012 Incoming Hash Master

Run Directions – Run #801

13 Feb

Carnival Run & Calypso Competition
Date: February 18, 2012
Time: 3:30p.m.
Hares: Betty Agostini
Run Site: Portuguese Club, #22 Murray Street, Woodbrook

The 3rd building from Republic Bank – Southern side of Ariapita Ave, opposite Adam Smith Square.
Please note that parking is prohibited in front of driveways. This is a residential area, please be considerate.

Trash Run 791 & 792

15 Nov

Hash Trash Run 791 & 792


HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665 arturo999@live.com
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Ronald Mc Donald, Diane Henderson, Asha Saith
Website Address: http://poshhh.org
791 Oct 28, 2011 Bimbos Goldsborough, Tobago The Organ

Line Break - On-On Feet

I am the Organ. I have a mind of my own inside of a thick long body and I rule my Master’s brain. On the Hash runs I caused his mind to wonder and lust after all the female forms, causing him to stumble and fall at times. I am sorry I caused him to fall on glass.

You might recognize my Master if you try, he has bulging eyes (caused by me) and disoriented in appearance.
My Master was told to write a trash about the Bimbos’ run but because I sometimes give him little sleep he is having difficulty remembering anything about the run. Hello Master you can write now!

The Master
Oh yes, um, where were my thoughts, oh yes the run.
There was some controversy about this run and it started with some conflicts between the Big Dicks and the Bimbos. The Big Dicks said they are setting the run, no replied the Bimbos we are, we booked it first with Mahashma. So done the Big Dicks with their miniscule brains decided to boycott the runs and pull out. The Bimbos set better runs anyway.

When setting a run in Tobago, who better to get advice from than Mark Puddy, who has lived in Tobago for many years. So along with Puddy the Bimbos found some beautiful countryside to run in. The run was well set and a lot of work must have been done to set it so well. I understand many wreckies were done to make sure it was good enough for our foreign guests from Suriname and Barbados.

It rained a little but that made no difference to the beauty of the run. The parking site for the buses was a bit tight and on the ride in I was getting rather concerned for the bus driver and his brand new bus. How the hell is he going to turn around I thought.

The run itself started along a tight trail but it soon opened up so there was plenty of running, a lot of it in some swollen river beds, some hills not so steep, and scattered with a liberal amount of watery cow shit. After the run at the down downs the cow shit added a distinct flavour to the beer for those with new shoes. The whole Seebalack family had new shoes for the occasion it seems.

The down downs were short because the Hash Master wanted the lime moved to Pigeon Point. At Pigeon Point the liming and drinking continued. Everyone was having a great time in and out of the water.

Well done Bimbos! The first day was fantastic. Back to the Organ.

The Organ
It seems to me that the Suriname posse left their young mobile women behind for fear of Trini men like Victor, Peter, Harold , Zam and Enrique. I don’t blame them.

Line Break - On-On Feet

SCRIBE: “Long Time” Hasher
Hash Event: Karaoke Night
DATE: 28th October, 2011

Browsing through the song lists before the Karaoke night,   HM   Mahashma approached me to scribe the event.  An offer I could not refuse… or could I? Well, obviously I didn’t!  Lots of Hashers browsing through the lists, who was going to attempt to sing what? Taz buzzing around, taking notes of song requests. What possessed me to put in my request for a song? I will never know!! Told that I was on first after the MC. Tried to talk to MC but he said the order already in the computer, can’t change it!!

So the evening started with a non Karaoke guest appearance by Cyril giving his calypso rendition “ The Greatest Hash of All” to a backing track. Was he miming too? Having heard the song already on the bus that day from the hash, I realized that maybe he was given a recording contract by the bus driver who was playing back in times Calypsoes all the way to and from the hash. Our overseas Hasher guests seemed to enjoy his rendition and sang along and laughed at the right moments.

Next and first in the Karaoke was MC Martin with a rendition of Sparrows “Congo man” An enjoyable rendition where he continued telling his lies! Hey Jude followed sung in such a beautiful manner that had the crowd crying out for more, or were they just screaming in agony! Well my mother told me I had a beautiful voice!!.

So the trend was set for a fun night of singing, sometimes in tune sometimes not, some good, some not!! A mix well appreciated by the audience. Asha sang “Stand by your Man” with Dave standing by bemused and amused! Bajan HM Francine sang a duet with her husband “From this Moment” which could have been their wedding song. HM Mahashma came on and after saying he lost 2 children from his house this year gave a rendition of “Love and Marriage” in a very Frank Sinatra like style. The Bajan contingent attempted a couple of songs, but they either couldn’t read the words, or hear the music, or both, as they were jeered off stage!! MC Martin appealed for calm as missiles started flying! Things settled down quickly with no need for Susan to call the police!! The Prick- ah- posse sang a couple of Machel numbers, Teeza, a hippy rendition of Hotel California, and some girls wanted to have fun. The Bajan bride of Frankenstein sang a great rendition of 4 Non Blondes “What’s going on”. Ashe got up and sang a lovesong for Taz that was so out of tune that I could not recognize the song!! Apparently it didn’t work as he appeared very pained on the hash the next day, saying that she fell asleep!!

The best came close to the end of the night when “the Real Slim Shady” aka Harold’s son, Leeum, stood up. Betty got up with Christine and brought the house down with “I will survive”!!. Singing and dancing on the tables. This was a great fun night, well appreciated by all.

Line Break - On-On Feet

792 Oct 29, 2011 Prick-A-Posse Englishman’s Bay, Tobago Long Time Hasher

So the next day dawned and on on to our second run set at Englishman’s Bay by the “Prick- ah- Posse” Buses set off at 9:30 a.m. to head off for the 75min. drive to the run site. Back in times Calypso playing in the bus and a happy, expectant set of Hashers anticipating the upcoming run. It was a long and winding road (Karaoke again?!) and at the top of a hill we saw an “On In” on the roadside. “Nah can’t be “were the exclamations from the bus, as we went down and uphill for the next 2 miles before turning into the runsite at Englishman’s Bay. Seasoned Hashers realized that this was a decoy, as there was no paper or flour, before or after the “On In” sign!!

Well, I doubt a much more idyllic setting could have been found. A beautiful beach and bay confronted us. Only obvious issue, the lack of flat hashing terrain surrounding the run site. But more on that to follow!! We were called to order by HM Mahashma, for the usual pre-hash preamble. Except this was one with a special emphasis on keeping to the trail, and using the guide ropes to help when necessary, watching out for falling rocks. Well these were adequate warnings already about what was to come!!

So, on on up the road out of the beach, past a sign saying “no squatting” with Dookie squatting aside with his pants down beckoning to the ladies. On across the road and up a track past the Englishman’s  Bay security post, with Suzuki jeep, windows down and door unlocked (guess the area was safe!!).Up this track we headed past lots of side roads named Misty Ridge or other very lyrical names, and up and up we went. After 15 minutes of climb we came to a check. Hashers checked to the left, right up and down, all false trails. A Hare appeared and directed us all back downhill the way we came. Lots of mutterings followed, Wilko from Suriname accusing the Hares of laying the trail by truck, all of which vehemently denied by the Hares. On down we came to a truck with beers and water, greatly appreciated by Hashers after that climb in the near midday sun. And then it was on right into the bush for the first precipitous climb. The first rope was encountered here also to help us up the slippery slope. Up we slid and after a few minutes reached a summit where we continued on and then down into a beautiful river. We checked and waded upstream, then back and followed the trail downstream. Up out the river  and up another precipitous trail with rope to help . Many Hashers at this time were probably thinking of better things to do with rope and Hares!! “Dat is gevaarlijk” cried the Suriname Hashers. “oh Gord this is Shiite” cried the Bajan Hasher!! So eventually back down into the river and more checking and out onto a road. We came across a small waterfall at this stage, and many Hashers called it quits at this stage and headed down the road back to the run site on the beach.
The next trail was found up the road to the left, more climbing and into another river. We ran towards the sea with the sound of waves ahead, and then surprise, surprise up another hill away from the pounding surf. Another precipitous climb awaited! 15 minutes later we arrived on the road and the on-in back to the beach. About 1hr 40 mins of “running” a Hasher with GPS saying only 2 miles of distance. I think that must have been 1 mile up and 1 mile down!! A Challenging run in difficult terrain, very well set by the Hares, Thanks to the “Prick-a-Posse”

After hash activities got underway slowly, with the tired and dazed, nursing their wounds with draft Carib and Stag. Food was delivered by Alan and Michelle. Note was taken of the extra large box of meat Alan was eating. Favoritism for the Poofter !! The world now certainly seemed a better place after a few glasses of Stag, and food eaten!! The Sea beckoned and then the down –downs started. So Poofter award went to Alan for the extra large food box. A Suriname Hasher got her Poofter award for falling and losing all the contents of the bag (Gucci) she was carrying. It was very amusing watching her drink the down-down from the well endowed cup, making sure that her lips did not touch the “spout” of the cup!!

We left the run site at 3:30 p.m. to give us enough time to prepare for the “Monster Hash Halloween Bash”
Back at Johnstons, preparations started for the party. Decorations hung from trees, candles and lights added for atmosphere, venue all set for the upcoming festivities. After dinner (food ran out!! Didn’t get food L) the party was set to start. Hashers went back and changed into their fancy dress costumes.

The party started with a parade of costumes in front the judges. A motley crew of Dracula’s, quasimodas, Morticias, Devils,  Zorro’s?, Doctors, police lady with Velvet Handcuffs (very arresting for Numbnuts), Amy Whinehouse, Bride of Frankenstein, Divers,  Rastamen , Miss Suriname 1969,  John and Lorena Bobbit with very graphic  props(on their honeymoon!!) and super heroes.

The top 5 were chosen “The Dark Side of Mahashma, “ “ Morticia”, “Amy Whinehouse”., “The Bride of Frankenstein” and “John and  Lorena Bobbit”. Well the crowd decided on “The Bride of Frankenstein” and she expressionlessly accepted her prizes, courtesy Monster energy drinks. So the party now start.

Drinks flowed, and the Bajan Hashers did a dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Birthdays were celebrated with cakes. Arlene, Christine and another. Music was great thanks to Mr. DJ, and everyone having a good time playing their characters. Morticia did not smile for the night, and  Mahashma wondered around seeking enlightenment. Michelle came out with some big boobs, to rival Miss Suriname 1969 (pity Betty had to leave before the party, would have been interesting to see how they would have looked on her!!). Alan appeared in a Superhero costume with chest plate and Fingernails, both he and Michelle made a great couple for the night. Harper boy was promoting diplomatic relations with a Suriname Ambassadress, and Dookie actually looked better in costume dressed as a surgeon with facemask obscuring his face!! Some Hashers did not need fancy dress! Randall was dressed for the run he had to set the following morning! Enrique hovered around as a lurch .  Taz as nursemaid and Ashe as Baby in Diaper made for another interesting couple!

At 2:00A.M. Mahashma appeared to tell me that he had finally found “enlightenment”. “Women good Man Bad” was his revelation. What more was there to say?!! As the party wound down at 3:00A.M. all I could say was roll on next year!!

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

The moving finger writes:
There really is nothing more I can say about our Tobago weekend. It has been said already by all who attended and I am more than happy by what I have heard.

The spirit of the Hash is such that when things go wrong like on the Thursday night (Richards BBQ) we all pitched and made the best of it, move on and forget. All is forgiven Richard. We will give you another chance to redeem yourself. Even the professional caterers got it wrong twice running out of food on both nights. Well, we set the record for drinks with a total bar bill of over $33,000.00. I never realized Hashers could drink so much. 

I am almost enlightened and I will reveal it at the Christmas party when I hand over the reins to Taz.
The Poofter nominations on the second run went to Michelle yet again and was well deserved. Michelle ordered an extra special lunch box for Alan complete with blue steak, sushi and truffles. The box was accidentally discovered by Taz.

It is my belief Michelle has worn the Poofter shirt more times than anyone else.

The moving finger writes,
And having writ stops.


Hash Lingo

Virgins take note of the meaning of these signs!!!

  1. While on the trail CALL “ON ON” when you see bits of shredded paper/flour! It helps those behind/possibly lost hashers.
  2. “O” – check for the correct trail!
  3. “X” – you’re on the wrong trail! Go back to the check point and start again.
  4. “ON PASS” – to pass someone on the trail.
  5. “ON BACK” – on the wrong trail, you may have reached an “X“….turn back to the check point “O“.
  6. “On OFF” – you’re off the correct trail.
  7. When you are almost in you would see: “ON IN” pointing to the correct direction.
  8. For those who can’t keep up with the ‘3F’s’ (FIT, FAST AND FURIOUS) pack then just go with the ‘3S’s’ (SMART, SLOW AND SAFE) Pack who just let them do all the work.

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date: November 26, 2011
Time:  3:00 p.m
Hares: Central Posse/ Ashe/ Blunden/ Dexter
RunSite: Claxton Bay
Directions: From Grand Bazaar intersection, drive SOUTH on Uriah Butler Highway and exit Claxton Bay flyover ,turn right on top and drive for about a minute. Run site is at Annie’s Roti Shop & Bar on your left. Look for HHH signs. Food for sale at Bar. Roti and duck- $30.00.



Trash Run #783

25 Jul

Hash Trash Run 783


HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665 arturo999@live.com
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale-Jackson, Ronald Mc Donald, Diane Henderson, Asha Saith
Website Address: http://poshhh.org
783 July 09, 2011 The POSH San Juan Cocoa Estate, Gran Couva BOYSIE SMALLDICKSINGH

Line Break - On-On Feet

I remember doing this thing called a HASH quite around Christmas time in 2009 when I leave the country to go an spend a weekend in town by mih cuz. Lo an behold, outta d blue, mih same cuz call mih to say she comin down in d country to run a hash. Well, as I wasn’t doing anything cept laundry an brushing……d grass, I say I will come.
I pull up in mih Galant an park to see ah set ah people in quite varying shapes and sizes. People were bunched in small groups, called cliques, I was told, chatting an doing various types of stretches. Like this could get serious. However, another group was milling about a pick-up having drinks. This was the freeload posse, I was informed. Cool, I say, it cyah be that serious after all.

Just then, an old, gray-haired, under-nourished looking man in a Velcro dhoti, approached me saying he was seeking a man of letters and enlightenment. I thought it was one of those TV game shows so I asked if he wanted a B, C or L or if he wanted to buy a vowel? I then found out that this was the Mahashma and he was in charge. I was given penance of 2000 words for my apparent rudeness.

Mahashma then called for a gathering of the un-enlightened, how I know this is because he said “gather round all you un-enlightened”. This was done with the aid of his air thingy, luckily for us, it was not with his other thingy! He welcomed the gathering and five lovely ladies were called forward, they, supposedly, would give us guidance during the afternoon’s proceedings. One nice, classy lady, the spokesperson, stepped forward and informed us that there would be no hills, no mud, no snakes and a whole long list of noes. As it turned out, this nice, classy lady was a BIG, FAT, LIAR!

So the trail set off up the hill. Daniella was seen standing around like she lost her puppy, actually, she had misplaced her Marlon so, we decided to wait with her, not wanting anything bad to happen to her while she was waiting alone. I can tell you it was well worth the wait, no silly, not for Marlon, seeing Daniella set off on the run!

The first check was at an intersection, not a Y more like a chicken foot, the correct trail went up the middle toe of the chicken foot. A guy named Mcgee whispered to me “follow me, the Hares telling me the correct trails”. So I decided to stick with this Mcgee fella but was then told by another that I stood the risk of coming in the following morning if I stayed with McGee. I found he was moving pretty fast. So I was on my own again. The trail really had no hills, it was just ONE hill which we were looping in and around. This one hill seemed to be a task for some of the less athletic. Apparently the Adams family were on the run, Morticia didn’t run but was rumoured to be in close phone contact in case there was a bagel emergency. One of the little bagels was seen palpitating not far into the run and then at varying stages of the run.

Up and up we went, whenever we thought this had to be the summit, up again we went. Finally we were on a downhill stretch only to see those ahead coming back.” No, no, no follow me” said one of the ladies from the start, the one with the big mouth and small chest, “this is the correct way”. After we ran another quarter mile downhill it was back up the hill from whence we came. “$%*^#@&%” expleted the BMSC lady. Four of the five ladies who were supposed to be giving us guidance and were supposed to be at a certain place at a certain time, were nowhere to be seen. They were eventually found sipping on some dated Miller Lite off the beaten track. Some of the others also stopped to enjoy a brew but not the competitive front runners. I was being filled in that apparently the hash is now like a race with a few assholes who consider themselves top runners, fighting for position at the front. My informant was telling me that when these guys have completed 26.2, then they could talk. “The real heroes” he said “are Mahasma, Harold, Gerry, Betty, Joanne, Lil Jo, Mags even Zam just to name a few.”

The trail went on, meandering on and off the main trail, at least we were now on the downhill side. One or two more cock-ups with the trail saw some having to cross an X to get to the ON IN which was on the inside of the gated property opposite to the start of the run. All in all a good workout.

Back at the runsite the beers were cold and the ladies HOTT or was it the other way around? The cliques continued cliquing and the freeloaders continued freeloading.Then it was Mahasma with his air thingy again. He first called for the Hares. “Oh look, it’s those ladies we haven’t seen since the start of the run cept for one of them” someone exclaimed. We all sang a song and they drank it all down. Then there were the virgins (We’ve got virgins, we’ve got virgins, at our hash, at our hash, gonna get them drunked up, gonna get them fucked up, up the ass down the hatch) who all lined up for the only free drink they will ever get from the hash. Mahasma then called for new shoes. Karina, who was a virgin was apparently set up by her sister Shira to wear new shoes. I could just see Shira telling her “wear new shoes, wear new shoes!”

Then came the poofter, it was by unanimous decision that the BMSC lady be given the poofter for running the entire pack quarter mile down the wrong trail. She disrobed with her back facing the crowd (she actually looks better from the back!) and took her down down.

The crowd milled about for a while after drinking out the remaining kegs. It was then off to Sandeanna’s for a Couva roti. You can’t go quite Couva and not have a Sandeanna’s roti. Oh no, there is that BMSC lady again, now quite drunk, stealing roti off of everybody’s plate.


Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

Oh what a lovely run it was, well set, good length, and perfect for meditation. Well done Hares!

As Hash Master one of the most difficult things to do is to time the down downs just right, too early and its too boring (the crowd is too sober) and too late the crowd doesn’t listen(too drunk). This what happened last hash when I called it too late and lost control of the mob. When it was time for the Poofter nomination no one would listen to misdeeds of Marlon or of the Adams Family, they just kept shouting for Betty in spite of the fact she did nothing wrong. Sorry Betty Boobs but I have been the victim of Mob rule myself.

A Truckload of Virgins: Berequelle, Elias, Raquel, Marlon, Kenwyne, Neerupa, Gail , Praveen, Sebastin, Meagan, Jade, Stacey, Paulina, Lindy, Jackie, Brad, Rene and Karina.

New Shoes: (Virgins got set up???) Sebastin and Karina.


This year Tobago is going to be BIG. Very BIG. It is going to be known as THE TOBAGO MONSTER BALL and so far we have a large foreign contingent coming. I have confirmation that forty one are coming from Suriname , twenty from Barbados ( thanks to Red Jet) ,Four from Guyana.So this means that you have to book your place with the Hash early.All deposits are to be paid to Taz or myself a minimum of $500. and the final cost must be paid by the end of August.
ON ON . Oh where art thou enlightenment?

Hash Lingo

Virgins take note of the meaning of these signs!!!

  1. While on the trail CALL “ON ON” when you see bits of shredded paper/flour! It helps those behind/possibly lost hashers.
  2. “O” – check for the correct trail!
  3. “X” – you’re on the wrong trail! Go back to the check point and start again.
  4. “ON PASS” – to pass someone on the trail.
  5. “ON BACK” – on the wrong trail, you may have reached an “X“….turn back to the check point “O“.
  6. “On OFF” – you’re off the correct trail.
  7. When you are almost in you would see: “ON IN” pointing to the correct direction.
  8. For those who can’t keep up with the ‘3F’s’ (FIT, FAST AND FURIOUS) pack then just go with the ‘Backpackers’  (SMART) pack who just let them do all the work.>

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Date: August 06, 2011

Time:  3:30 p.m
Hares: Ivan Charles
RunSite: Kernahan Village, Manzanilla

Virgin territory – Kernahan Village:

Departing POS proceed east to Valencia, Sangre Grande and into Manzanilla on East Coast. Drive along the coastal road passing the mouth of Nariva River{the picturesque view of the peninsular where the Nariva River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, Atlantic not Pacific!!!} From this point drive for approx 4km or until you see the HHH sign on the right side where you turn right into Kernahan Village. Follow secondary road and HHH signs to run site at playing field.
Drive time from POS approx 2.5hrs.



Trash – Inter-Caribbean Hash 1995

12 May

Inter-Caribbean Hash 1995

AH3 Logo


O’GRADYS Tel:462-5392


  • DATE:   APRIL 29 1995

On registration day, April 28th, we finally settled in to our hotel rooms at the Normandie, Alicia’s, Halyconia, etc. After some
F ups in the allocation of our accommodation, we were given
our instructions to meet the buses at the Carib Rugby Club (wherever that was) for our Hash on April 29th. It’s a good thing the overseas Hashers in their walk to the Carib Rugby Club did not follow the direction of the traffic around the Savannah (known as the World’s Largest Round-about”) as they would have developed a new Hash for the day.

The Clan of Hashers from overseas – Antigua, Bangkok, Caracas, Glasgow, Grenada, New York, Florida and St vincent (none from Barbados – poor souls) numbering about 40, were hoarded into the buses ;(with beer of course) along with the POS H3 Hashers also in cars where we were outnumbered another approximately 80 journeying to our first site in the wilderness of Longdenville which was about an hour’s drive from Port of Spain, heading south-east into the hills of Central Trinidad. About 15 minutes from the site through rough terrain, we encountered our first fear as the drive continued through a sand road with numerous trucks loaded with sand passing us along the way. It then dawned on us that we were either nearing a beach or, as it was hinted, we were entering the famous Longdenville Sand Pit – as we observed on arrival endless hills of sand, sand, sand and more sand!

Sad to say smiles from the local Hashers and surrounding residents and truckers greeted us as if to indicate something cynical was in store for us!

After instructions at 3:15pm from the two sets of Hares informing us that there were two separate trails – one for two hours and the other just over an hour take your choice. Conservatively, like all the Antiguan Hashers, I took the shorter run. Anyway, we were off, and almost immediately the first fear came to pass as we had to climb one of these sand mounds slipping and sliding and accumulating tons of sand in the shoes, socks, face, pants … and the cussing started ….Joan nearly gave up at that point, but thanks to Claire who gave her a rear push up consolation, on-on we continued down into the deep sand pit where the cussing and shouting continued only to be faced by two of the Hares, after being lost for a while with no flour as the tracks had covered the trail, in the distance on the flat of a steep sand hill they were waiting to pull us up to the top as there was no other access. Then through the Cashew and Orange estates where we were warned that if we touched the fruit it would be straight jail. I had to advise one of my colleagues, Celia, who was in front of me, closely followed by Scott, not on her trail, as she appeared extremely anxious to prove her agility on her first run in Trinidad, to avoid touching the fruit while running. Meanwhile we continued our way through the scenic orange estates up one or two hills, and after sighting the On-In sign, then across the sand again and back to Base. A good run which perhaps could have been a little longer, despite the heat and humidity which was about 97%. Naturally we were soon cooling down with soda water, sodas and of course Carib beers followed by the spicy Indian delicacy known as “doubles” guaranteed to make your taste buds shake and give you good relief the next morningl After sadly hearing on the radio that West Indies were catching their A., against the Australian bowlers, we were back to the buses, out of the sand dunes and back to Carib Rugby Club and our hotels and guest houses, in preparation for an excellent dinner at the Club and a delightful floor show put on by the Indian Tassa Drummers and their “winer” girls, not to be outdone by the energetic Latin American Trini Hasher, Flor, who seemed bent on outdoing the professional artists, much to the delight of the overseas hashers. Then a great skit was put on by POS H3, imitating their colleagues peculuarities. The Hash Master, Betty Boobs, took the cake for her imitation of Roy Flurves, alias “Pervejrt”, who we must congratulate for organizing the great Inter-Caribbean Hash which is obviously here to stay. Thanks also to all the POS Hashers who ably assisted. The activities continued late into the night with D.J., dancing and more and more beer! For the records, the Antiguan Hashers who went to Trinidad were Joan, Claire, David Pedden, Celia, Scott, Marlon, Alice, Steve Kissoon and myself.

Also thanks to the POS H3 Hashers for the excellent Hash Magazine giving the history of the POS Hash 3 which has been passed on to our Hash Master, Mac, for the records.

A great time was had by all.

AH3 Logo


O’GRADYS Tel:462-5392


Registration at the Carib Rugby Club on April 28, 1995 for this inaugural Hash. The Antiguan contingent arrived at approximately 5:15pm (Clare, Joan/ David and Kaiser) to find some of the Americans “Good-fart”, “Spermade”, “Foreskin”, the Caracas possee and a few others trucking into their third Carib and/or rum punch. On registering we were given wrist band, T-shirt, bottle opener, water bottle, hash literature and a shoulder bag (Dame Edna and Dickie Doo would have been delighted). Bunny joined us and later on Marlon, Alice, Peter, Celia and Scott.

POS HHH came out in numbers and a real party atmosphere prevailed. The DJ was in good form, with a wide variety pleasing everyone. The T & TEC Steelband also entertained us. Dancing, wining, drinking, eating, frolicking, limbo dancing and the party went on ’til about l:15am. Many of us who went on to Pelican after, regretted the next day on Run II (Bunny will fill you in).

RUN NO 2 – APRIL 30 1995

The beautiful scenic drive through the North Coast of Trinidad, with the vivid yellow flowers of the Poui beautifying the mountainside, and the precipitancy from the road surface falling about a mile down to the sea shore. On to the famous Maracas Bay, where many had their supply of shark and bake. Through Las Cuevas and onto Blanchisseuse to Hash Base. In the usual Roy Purvis salutation “Hash Hush” “F……..g Hush” to get the run on its way.

On On led by Hares Lorin “Dewy Eyes”, Abel and Dave. Half a mile of beach running and “Dewy Eyes” placed the check – made up of a drawn circle (with no dot) stuck to a brown paper bag. On on calls in various directions. We headed through a tunnel viaduct up a water course, but the right trail was on the road, 50 feet above. On on up a steep hill, with the TV crew racing by in their car to get ahead of the pack. Up and still up we struggled in the hot sun before reaching the summit. We descended the hill and lost the trail. Could not find the biodegradable shredded paper. The hounds picked up the trail across a ravine and up and up until the paper signs indicated by way of drawn arrows to swimmers and non swimmers – this trail is a nature lover’s delight, the green vegetation, the shaded cocoa trees/ with tall trees towering above, orchids hanging and dried leaves on the trail. The swimmers made their way down the river into the cold water. Waist high going down stream slipping, crawling, swimming, we reached the pinnacle of this Run. Some said 10 feet, other said 15. With instructions from the hares, how and where to jump into the white water below. It was too late to turn back, so in we jumped (one at a time) with the current pushing us down stream. Hikes full of water, we made our way occasionally trying to seek the river bank where it was possible.

Leaving the watery trail we headed into the shaded cocoa plantation for about 3/4 mile before getting back to cross the river, where the TV crew was waiting to film the event. On in and back to Base for more drinking, mango chow, barbeque, liming, swimming and volleyball. Roy (F) gave the down, downs. POS HM Betty “Boobs” called on “Kaiser” to present the T-shirts sent by AHHH. Before we bade farewell to Blanchisseuse we were asked to form a circle, singing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” with gestures. The convoy stopped at Las Cuevas for a couple of drinks before heading to the Pelican for more Caribs. Roy went home and replenished the coolers. This was the best run in my fifteen years of hashing. Our thanks to “Dewy Eyes”, Abel and Dave for an excellent run in ideal hashing terrain. In the wee hours of the morning we said our goodbyes. Thank you Roy and all those who helped in any way.