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Run Directions – Run #818

28 Sep

Directions to the next run #818

Date: Sep 29, 2012

Time: 3:30pm

Hares: Enrique/ Jordan

Run Site: Bellerand Road, Chaguaramas

Head on Tucker Valley Road towards Macqueripe beach, turn left at the sign for the Chaguaramas Golf Course (Bellerand Road). About halfway to the golf course carpark, there is a play park on the left hand side. This is the run site.

Monster Ball 2

14 Sep

Monster Ball 2 - Tobago Hash Weekend

Trash Run #650

13 Sep


Master: *Zameer Ali -6789-172 Betty Agostini, Flash Boos

Hash Ass: Justin Henry -766-4694 Vaughn James, ArleneValdez

Hash Ca$h: Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (O) Hash Booze: Nevie Boos – 637-3033 (H)

On-Sec: **Mumtaz Amarali – 625-3617 ext 29436 Hash Softies: Richard Marlay – 351-3694

Hare Line: Michelle Girod – 622-2204 (H) 

Web Address: *email address:

**email address : 

RUN: #650 RUN SITE: Siparia

SCRIBE: Mudda Focker HARES: Mike and Audrey

DATE: December 30, 2006 

Siparia, the final hash for the year. The hash master asked me to write the scribe. I felt honoured then it dawned on me that no one else probably wanted to write it.

The bus came close enough to the scheduled departure time so we left POS at a reasonable hour. The journey down under was interesting with these hashers drinking like if there was no tomorrow. We had one pee stop then we got lost for a while ending up on Quinam Beach. Honestly, I think the hash master wanted to see the settings on the beach having never been so far south before (possible reception area). We eventually turned and headed back to the hash site. The hares were seen dropping flour on our way back. We missed the hash sight because the HHH sign was not up as yet. However, the previous trash clearly indicated that the run site was at Trincan field office. One of the hares (Joey) injured himself on the morning of the run which resulted in Mike and Audrey having to complete the run by themselves. I must admit that they did an excellent job.

The Run

It was uphill from the start. The hill was an average hill, nothing like Tobago, but the terrain was made interesting by earlier showers. The run was full of pricks on that day. It was funny to see the griff, Robert and Harold Lee sliding down the hill on their bellies. These somewhat seasoned hashers were finding it difficult to get to the top of the small incline. Then came Audrey – you need to plant your feet into the ground…hmmm. You would think these experienced hashers would know this. It was difficult for most on the day. Running through the forest – uphill, downhill and back out onto the road. We were fortunate to benefit from a bit of road running then into the forest again. A check – everyone came together at this point, as the correct trail was difficult to locate. Then the hash master was shouting – onon – heading uphill. You could here the exuberance in his voice – onon. I am the hash master and I am leading my fellow hashers – until we hit the top of the hill and he had to stop to ketch his breath. The hash continued leaving the hash master some where behind. Through the forest back onto the road, over a single lane bridge then back into the forest. We were in the forest for a while then the hash ass was shouting on on downhill and we came out on to the road.

Déjà vu – we were about to cross the same single lane bridge again. We eventually realized that the hash ass ran us through an X along with the usual suspects who normally lead the hash. I won’t call any names but they know who they are. So it was back into the bush and by this time the hash met up again. Uphill, downhill, uphill and road was the cry of the evening. A tributary here and there and the scent of crude oil throughout the run and it was back to the starting point. Well done Audrey and Mike. 

Bus Ride

After the down-downs, the beer and the tasty rotis it was time to leave. I was excited that we were leaving because I really wanted to get home. I realized about four hours later why some of the hashers who came with the bus sought alternative arrangements for the ride home. The first stop was Debe – Doubles, pholourie and saheena was the shout. We then continued on our journey – alcohol consumption and the sweet sound of music – what more do you want? (Pee Stop – Nevie). Well it all went downhill from there. Some of the hashers decided that they needed to express themselves vocally. I couldn’t believe that so many classics could be destroyed in one night. Nevie and Zam then thought that it would be appealing to those present in the bus to perform pole routines. There was a lot of dancing on the bus and I believe the majority of hashers on the bus enjoyed themselves e.g. Diane, Ken, Wahid, Nevie, Zam (Pee Stop – Nevie again). Beers were running low and you could see the panic on the faces of many on the bus. The bus diverted into St. Joseph to replenish the stock and it was onon to POS. However, a decision was taken to stop on the Beetham to do a down-down. Who decided to stop on the Beetham? –

Can anyone answer that question for me? (Pee Stop – Guess who?) We arrived in POS in one piece and everyone dispersed after a fantastic day. Some hashers suggested that the bus ride was the best for the year.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our new hash master, to say thank you and goodbye to Dookie

(I understand that he now resides in Barbados). 


DATE: January 27,2007

HARES: The Nieves Boys

RUN SITE: The Beach House at Henry Estate, Moruga.

TIME 3.30 P.M.

Drive to Princes Town. There are signs all the way. For those who can’t read signs, drive South on the Uriah Butler/Solomon Hochoy H’way. Take the Princes Town Exit (OLD San Fernando Exit). Follow the road East (left) and you will very quickly reach a junction with the Naparima Mayaro Rd. Follow the sign and turn left for Princes Town. Continue along this road all the way to Princes Town. Drive through Princes Town. At the next major junction (there are small islands in the road), follow the sign and turn right for Moruga. After a short drive you will meet another Tjunction with “D & R Grocery and Hardware” obliquely opposite to the left. Turn right at this junction and follow this road all the way to Moruga. Don’t drive into the sea!! You will pass through Fifth Company, St. Mary’s and Rock River. When you see the sea directly in front of you, slow right down. You will pass the Police Station on the left and a country parlour painted dark blue on the right. Turn right at this last junction before the sea. Drive for about 40 seconds to the Beach House run site) on the left. This is a very easy drive. It takes less than 2 hours without traffic. There may be traffic on the H’way if they are paving and there will be some traffic in Princes Town, so cater for a 2.5 hour drive by car and a 3 hour drive by bus. There will be NO hash signs as Moruga is too easy to find. There will be food on sale after the run.



651 Jan 13 2007 Fearsome Foursome Gran Couva

652 Jan 27 Nieves Boys Moruga

653 Feb 10 The PFO and Asha de Hasha 

Feb 19/20 Carnival Days

654 Feb 24 Nevie

655 Mar 10 Numbnuts

656 Mar 24 Derek De Freitas

657 Apr 07 Barry Ferreira

658 Apr 21 Jimmy Fifi

659 May 05 Dianne/Ivan/Robert

660 May 19

661 Jun 09

662 Jun 25

Zam’s Zanies

Two down 24 more t-shirts to go! This last Hash saw us ending up on a Big Bust lime, which was, by all accounts, was very mediocre. No beers were drunk, no poles were wined on (‘cept mine, doh tell Juicy Pee), no pee stops were made (‘cept 10 for Nevie) and the bus went straight from Siparia to POS without any detours. The next one promises to be more exciting with Destra and Shurwayne. Three Cheers to Mike and Audrey who put a lot of effort into LAYING (of the trail). On the note of Big Bust limes, the run on Jan 27, set by the Nieves Boys will be in Moruga. Yes, a bus, however, for the Big Bust to set sail, we need at least 40 people, names will be taken today.

The Virgins: Maxine, Kimberley, Rima and Justin (T&T), Susan, John and Ghyslein (Canada), Megan, Mitali and Puneet (USA).

Robert, Susan and Puneet had new shoes, however, Robert was excused as he wears new shoes to every run just to get a free beer. He was even seen buying Lotto tickets in Siparia, but the nice lady told him she couldn’t sell him the whole machine.

Nominees for Poofter were Nancy (again), for toweling off Raymond with David’s towel while other people were waiting for the pipe. Audrey for getting lost, nnaaawww! And the Poofter award went to Susan Hale for phoning ahead to find out what the menu was. The Hash is a drinking club, the menu is beer and rum (always!). She, however, took it in good stride.

Believe it or not, there are still people owing money for Xmas party tickets (we know where you live). If you have already paid, please disregard this notice. If you don’t intend to pay, like Simon Westcott, you will not be served at the bar.

Remember, Run Site cleanup is the responsibility of the Hares. Anyone seen leaving bottles on the trail gets automatic poofter.

We would like to welcome the new On-Sec, Mumtaz Amarali and would like to thank the outgoing On-Sec, Risa Mohammed for a wonderful job. ON ON

Our Lager

Which art in barrels,

Hallowed be thy drink.

Thy will be drunk,

I will be drunk,

At home as in the tavern.

Give us this day our foamy head,

And forgive us our spillages,

As we forgive those who spill against us.

And lead us not into incarceration,

But deliver us from hangovers.

For thine is the Beer, The Bitter, and the Lager,

Trash Run #815

11 Sep


HASH MASTER Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436
HASH ASSISTANT Pradeep Subrian 678-2372
FINANCE MINISTER Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843
Arthur Seebalack
Tiza Matura
Martin Griffith
Ashe Holder
Janine Winston 680-2373
Colin Sorias
Betty Agostini
Diane Henderson
Website Address:
815 Aug 18, 2012 Town Crier, Mystery, Smallman Jesse and the village Palo Seco Mommy’s Boy

Line Break - On-On Feet

My Mommy told me that I had to go with her to the hash since I am a town boy and I will probably never get to see Palo Seco otherwise. Then on Sunday morning as I was digging out volcanic mud from our running shoes she told me that I have to write a trash. My Mommy said that unless I did write trash she would have to answer to the Iron Lady. I love my Mommy so I will write trash – I hope trash readers enjoy the rubbish I wrote for them.

Our 2 hour drive from POS to Palo Seco was disturbed by giggles from My Mommy who said that two old ladies were comparing their busses and the old guys were converting numbers: 69 = 181?? I do not find this funny or totally correct, but I smiled politely for My Mommy

We arrived early for the run and I looked around me to see a lush, beautiful forest and a sprinkling of hashers. I thought it was a very nice location, although I could not quite understand how the local’s home had no burglarproofing.

Then 2 busses arrived and out poured a group of GGs (Great Grans) talking loudly and running to relieve themselves in the bush. They disturbed the serenity of this beautiful location with their excited chatter but I understand – they must be a bit deaf.

Soon, the ‘fearful’ Iron Lady HM (I cannot understand why Mommy is afraid of her, she is not much taller than I am) called the group to the Hash Hush.

She awarded GGD (Great Grand Daddy), Lorin, with a Fast Fit Furious T shirt for his obsession with hashing and his passion for trying to outrun the pack. I thought the hash was not a race? Besides, I looked around at some of the younger hashers and wondered how this GGD managed to even keep up with them! I thought that he must be smarter and take shortcuts but My Mommy said that hashing was not about being fast or fit, just furiously fun.

Then the HM called out to a group of young fellas called the Bucketeers who had testosterone oozing from every pore. My Mommy said that I will soon be at that stage, but I hope not, they were real fidgety.

The hares were introduced. The main hare, Jesse, was a one of my own – I felt so proud and hopeful! Hashing is not mainly for old people and maybe I could set a run one day soon! But then a GGD, The Mystery Cyril, took over, gave us hash details on the run and the GGs set off running with all of the young people!

For a moment Mommy forgot that I was there and she started running. She headed in the direction were I had seen many ladies relieving themselves as they got off the bus and I screamed out to het to be careful for their puddles. She slowed down and told me to keep up since hashers have no manners and I would be left behind!

On On we went into the beautiful forest. The trail was narrow and muddy but it was fun. The bush was on all sides and it seemed that these were not regularly used paths. As the noisy runners took off and left us I found that this forest seemed pure and was unusually quiet. Lovely bush all around me, I was just commenting to My Mommy how lovely this thick bush was when Uncle Ozama ran by us saying he preferred it shaved. How can you shave the bush?

Up and down we went. Nothing too steep going up, and going down was slipping and sliding in mud so great fun. The FRBs were way ahead and had opened the checks, so I was able to enjoy the forest and the birdsong which had started, when, OMG, Uncle Robin pointed out a big hairy spider!

My Mommy called out to GGD Derek who was a hare and asked him if there were any shortcuts – he said no since the run was a short one…..

A short run? That’s good for me; I was getting bored with the slipping and sliding but just then we came upon a belching mud volcano! And then another! So Exciting! I was told not to play in the mud so I was just dipping my finger in when I noticed that the hashers around me were looking all around for the right trail. We seemed to be lost and no sign of paper, hares or anyone else. We called and we heard voices in the distance but we seemed surrounded by either thick mud or belching mud pools but no trail! I was not really afraid – but so,so relieved when someone said they found paper. Off we went following the paper when suddenly a lady said “ weys, buh we just pass dis way, look d tree I get prick. Like we going back the same way we came?”

Halt, turn around and back we went, calling “are you, are you”…..then, we heard hashers calling back and then out from behind the bush they came – front runners – running back on the trail that we had just come from.

We tried to tell them that this was the wrong way but they kept saying that they were “on backing” since the run was too short! Some of them said they were looking for the beach. My Mommy said I could not go with them so we walked back to the run site.

Then the size talk started.

Tanty Betty had said that quality and not quantity mattered. Tanty Flash believed that it was not how long it was but how you made use of it. Tanty Arlene seemed vexed that she only got 35 minuites. My Mommy said that she took it slow so that was good enough for her.

The Iron Lady was not happy with the GGD hares…. She was real vex theirs was so short.

Some others said when it is too short you have to do it twice.

Why they seemed to be complaining, I just do not know.

I told My Mommy that I am just glad that I can do it but she said I don’t know what I am talking about.

My Mommy said we have to thank the GGD hares for taking the time to set a run so far from town especially as they are real coming on in age. She also said that it was very nice that Jesse had been there since at their age the GGDs needed all the help they can get and it is time to teach the young people the ways of the hash.

She said the GGD hares had joined the ranks of Great Uncle Martin in Chaguaramas and Great Uncle Gerry in Quinam.

The Local guy with the cutlass Wharfie was very nice – he let Mommy and the older ladies change near his house. Mommy does not know I know this but the younger ladies with the frilly underwear changed next to the big bus. I don’t think that some of them bothered to put back on any underwear.

So the big ceremony known as the down downs got underway. The GGD hares, my hero, Jesse and Mr Wharfie were speeched off for not having enough length and the HM made GGDs Derek and Cyril drank their beer from baby bottles.

The virgins were called and asked things that I am not allowed to talk about. Some Tanties were asked to give demonstrations but all I could see was legs in the air like a roasted fowl and a strange contortion like a bridge.

It was a bit of a strange questionnaire because all the boys seemed to give the same answer and this caused Gran Uncle Pete and some others in the back of the crowd to start chanting in Chinese : Too can chew?

The new shoes were called out but they did not look like new shoes. The owners were told to drink their beer from them and the Scottish Uncle looked like he real enjoyed it! My Mommy said that The Hash Ass, Uncle Pradeep looked like he had new shoes but Government Ministers always got away!

The HM celebrated birthdays and ordered the Tanties to show the young people how they should sing Hash Songs. Tantie Michelle sure liked the part with “coming” home.

Then My Mommy said that we were going to stay a while because Tantie Tiza and Uncle Eric had bought kegs of beer to celebrate their birthdays and she gave me a hotdog to keep me quiet.

It was then time to go but the bar people were trying to make people drink more beer. My Mommy said the hash was a drinking club with a running problem – so after they ran how come didn’t they the drink all of the free beer!? I think that they want a FFF T-shirt and are afraid to drink.

Oh Yes! – one more thing:

My Mommy also told me that when the HM asks if you did the whole hash run, don’t say yes….because them she will tell you to write trash.

My Mommy had a good time….. I guess one day I will grow up and understand all of this.


“The Unknown Run” by Mighty Fly on the wall

We set out one Sat-day af’noon

To head out down South

A bus ride to hash-ing district

Nothing to talk ’bout

We set out one Sat-day af’noon

To head out down South

Plenty drinking ‘pon dis’ bus ride

Wit’ plenty foul mouth

De hares like dem had an intervention

Nothing look nor smell like right directions

An’ there again

As a bunch-a-nomad

We get lost! – somewhere in Fyzabad


A man buff me bad

Ah shoul-da know

We town pe-ople

Where Pal-o Seco?


But what he didn’t kno’

Is the bus vibes it sweet

An’ we bound to find

The hash-ing street

So somebody get ‘pon de celly

An’ call one ah dem do-tish hares

So fi-nally we reach an’ we ready

Yuh know de run done al-ready!


Dire-ful-l y!

No man!


The Palo Se-co run

De ketch we real –real bad

We come all de way –down South

Dey fool we bad–, bad bad


What dey kno’ ’bout setting hash in de country

Is all ah big “Mystery”

Only trickery and tomfoolery

So we could drink in de country

[Unshamingly sung to Lord Kitchener’s Toco Band (All Rights Reserved]

Line Break - On-On Feet

From the Office of the Iron Lady (Discipline, Production, Tolerance)

Do you remember Dr Eric Williams sologan …discipline, production, tolerance. It is really a set of goals that are measurable. We were told to keep that mantra in our ears because a lack of any one of the three would threaten the independence of our fledgling democracy. It was true then and it is true now. He might have added “responsibility” to the trio but have we measured up? The Mighty Mystery and Town Crier certainly did their best, they were able to gather both young and mature hashers to Palo Seco. The drive was an enjoyable one for most whether you were on the bus talking about bust or in your car and your tyre burst (thats another story). Even though it was a short run, it was a good run…..and did you seen the Mud Volcanoes….Wow…..Sweet T&T.

Poofter nominees: the hares for a long drive to run site and a short run, Harold for cutting cost since he got married and making a wooden slippers for his son Ross and Ross for actually wearing the slippers. Poofter to Ross.

Happy Birthday: Eric Rabbit, Tiza (party animal) and David Morand

Fit..Fast…Furious….This jersey was given to Lorin Paton for his passion and commitment to the Port of Spain Hash House Harriers.

Upcoming Events: Tobago Weekend – Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th October, 2012 (TT1500.00)

Line Break - On-On Feet

Directions to the next run #817

Date: Sep 01, 2012
Time: 3:30pm
Hares: Haydn Als
Run Site: Sangre Grande

From Port-of-Spain, take the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to Waller Field. Turn North at Waller Field to reach the Eastern Main Road, then proceed East to Valencia. Continue from Valencia to Sangre Grande, and take the Manzanilla Road from the Sangre Grande Police Station. Turn left into Oropuche Road at the third street after the Sangre Grande Police Station (obliquely opposite the Agricultural Development Bank) and continue to Non Pareil Road on the right. Turn onto Non Pareil and proceed to hash site. Look for HHH signs. Allow 2 hrs. travel time from P-o-S.

Receding Hareline





815 August 18, 2012 Derek de Freitas, Cyril Palo Seco
816 September 1, 2012 David Morand Flanagin Town
817 September 15, 2012 Hadyn  Als Sangre Grande
818 September 29, 2012 Jordan/Enrique Chaguaramas
819 October 13, 2012 Two Butts Santa Cruz



October 26, 2012

October 27, 2012

October 27, 2012

Big Dicks

The Casuals Posse



Alternate Run: Trinidad

823 November 10, 2012 Central Posse
824 November 24, 2012 Nico Kersting New Territory
825 December 8, 2012 Hash Master’s Run Christmas Party
826 December 22, 2012 Incoming Hash Master

Run Directions – Run #817

8 Sep

Directions to the next run #817

Date: Sep 15, 2012
Time: 3:30pm
Hares: Haydn Als
Run Site: Sangre Grande

From Port-of-Spain, take the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway to Waller Field. Turn North at Waller Field to reach the Eastern Main Road, then proceed East to Valencia. Continue from Valencia to Sangre Grande, and take the Manzanilla Road from the Sangre Grande Police Station. Turn left into Oropuche Road at the third street after the Sangre Grande Police Station (obliquely opposite the Agricultural Development Bank) and continue to Non Pareil Road on the right. Turn onto Non Pareil and proceed to hash site. Look for HHH signs. Allow 2 hrs. travel time from P-o-S.

There will be tasty and satisfying meals on sale after the run on Saturday 15th, from 5.30 p.m. onwards, till they run out.
Menu: Curried Goat or Fried Fish, Stewed Pigeon Peas, Ground Provision combo, Cucumber Salad.
Price: $30.00