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Photo Gallery – Run 855 Las Cuevas

21 Jan

Trash Run – #854

18 Jan

hash trash 854

30th Anniversary Weekend Event Listing

14 Jan

30th Anniversary Celebration – Run Directions & Event Listing

Thursday 30th Jan 2014 10:30AM: Hike to Rincon Falls Meet at Monique’s Guest House, 114-116 Saddle Rd., Maraval. Map: [Michelle 741-9125, Ivan 685-6206, Arlene 369-1847]

Thursday 30th Jan 2014 5:30PM: Pub Crawl Hash Run, Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Rd., POS. (Opposite Queen’s Park Oval). Run start 6:00PM sharp!. Beer chits, Food on sale after run. [Colin 305-1053]

Friday 31st Jan 2014: Caribbean DDI Party 11AM – 5PM, ‘Westward Ho’, Gasparee Island. Parking $35, Boat $30 return [IN QUANTITY 10persons min.]. Boat pick-up 11:15AM – 1:30PM: Island Homeowners, Western main Rd., Chaguaramas [last boatyard, just before Defence Force entrance to Teteron] DJ, Beer man & Rum . Bring your food/ snacks/ or something to put on the Bar-bie. [Colin 305-1053, Michelle 741-9125, Marguerite 680-3142, Mark 682-5027]

Saturday 1st Feb 2014 Run#856: Samaan Park, Chaguaramas
Directions: From Port of Spain, head west to Carenage/ Chaguaramas. Just after CDA Police post (Pier I), turn right (north) onto Tucker Valley Road towards Macqueripe beach. Pass road to Chaguaramas golf course (Bellerand Rd) on left, and then just up on right enter parking lot at Samaan Park. Follow HHH signs. Map:

  • 2:30PM(No exception!)..Ball Buster Hash Run (Fit Runners ) 150mins course
  • 3:30PM..Regular Hash Run (Runners & Walkers) 90mins course

Sunday 2nd Feb 2014: Hangover Hash Run & Beach Lime 9AM Sharp!!– Maracas Beach (Western End). Beer van. Beach Lime after run until 4PM. Bring the family/ friends, swimwear, beach chairs, snacks…etc. [Colin 305-1053, Michelle 741-9125]

Tuesday 4th Feb 2014 Run #857: 30th Anniversary Official Run 5:15PM [Live 1hr]. ‘Hashers 1984 to present…Come on out!’ – Carib’s Rugby Club, Zoo Rd., St. Anns [$20 Zoo carpark or parking on Chancellor Rd., Prada St., Serpentine Rd.] Map:

Run Directions – Run#855 Las Cuevas

12 Jan

Date: Sat Jan 18 2014
Time: 3:30pm
Site: Las Cuevas Beach
Hares: Doon et al

Directions: From POS take Saddle Road into Maraval and then proceed onto North Coast Road heading to Maracas Beach. Pass Maracas Beach, Tyrico Beach and go to Beach Facilities Parking Lot at Las Cuevas.


Photo Gallery – Christmas Bash Hash 2013

9 Jan