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AZP Carolin’ Pub Crawl – Thur Dec 13th

9 Dec

AZP Carloin Pub Crawl

The organizing committee asks that you:

  • Wear Christmas colors with (Antlers/jingle bells/ Santa hat etc.)
  • Walk a little prank gift to put in Santa’s bag

After the run, enjoy the Parang & Pan courtesy T&TEC Luces Brillantes & Caribbean Airlines Invaders.

Drinks on sale at the bar & bake n’ shark & other eats available. Stay after the run and lend your patronage.

The (Original) Foreshore Run & Lime – Thur 24 Jan 2013

22 Jan

Original Foreshore Run

The (Original) Foreshore Run & Lime

When: Thursday 24th January, 2013 at 5:00pm!!

Where: Caribs Rugby Club, Zoo Road, St Anns

What: Do the original foreshore run, then stay, chill and have some drinks…

AZP – Thursday Run & Lime

7 Dec

AZP Thursday Run & Lime

AZP Thursday Run & Lime  – Foreshore Run

When: Thurs 8th Nov. 2012, 5:00PM (17:00HRS)
Where: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Rd., Woodbrook

You know the route – No Hares – Just you and the pavement. The On On is at 5PM!

AZP – Thursday Run & Lime

30 Nov

AZP - Foreshore or Bust

Let’s start the final month of the year on a positive note!

Fit, Fast & Furious from the other hash – come show your worth..
Athletically curious – we want you here…
AZP walkers – come out and show how it’s done…

When: Thurs 1st Dec. 2011, 4:59PM (16:59HRS)
Where: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Rd., Woodbrook
Run Route: Foreshore Freeway (Audrey Jeffers Highway)

See you there!!

AZP – Full Moon Lime November 2011

8 Nov

AZP - Full Moon Lime November 2011

This Thursday November 10th November, 2011 we acknowledge another full moon. So fellow astronomers & hashers alike, join the AZP for a Full Moon Lime at the Caribbean Airlines Invader’s Panyard from 7:00PM.