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AZP Carolin’ Pub Crawl – Thur Dec 13th

9 Dec

AZP Carloin Pub Crawl

The organizing committee asks that you:

  • Wear Christmas colors with (Antlers/jingle bells/ Santa hat etc.)
  • Walk a little prank gift to put in Santa’s bag

After the run, enjoy the Parang & Pan courtesy T&TEC Luces Brillantes & Caribbean Airlines Invaders.

Drinks on sale at the bar & bake n’ shark & other eats available. Stay after the run and lend your patronage.

The (Original) Foreshore Run & Lime – Thur 24 Jan 2013

22 Jan

Original Foreshore Run

The (Original) Foreshore Run & Lime

When: Thursday 24th January, 2013 at 5:00pm!!

Where: Caribs Rugby Club, Zoo Road, St Anns

What: Do the original foreshore run, then stay, chill and have some drinks…

AZP – Thursday Run & Lime

7 Dec

AZP Thursday Run & Lime

AZP Thursday Run & Lime  – Foreshore Run

When: Thurs 8th Nov. 2012, 5:00PM (17:00HRS)
Where: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Rd., Woodbrook

You know the route – No Hares – Just you and the pavement. The On On is at 5PM!

AZP – Thursday Run & Lime

30 Nov

AZP - Foreshore or Bust

Let’s start the final month of the year on a positive note!

Fit, Fast & Furious from the other hash – come show your worth..
Athletically curious – we want you here…
AZP walkers – come out and show how it’s done…

When: Thurs 1st Dec. 2011, 4:59PM (16:59HRS)
Where: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Rd., Woodbrook
Run Route: Foreshore Freeway (Audrey Jeffers Highway)

See you there!!

AZP – Full Moon Lime November 2011

8 Nov

AZP - Full Moon Lime November 2011

This Thursday November 10th November, 2011 we acknowledge another full moon. So fellow astronomers & hashers alike, join the AZP for a Full Moon Lime at the Caribbean Airlines Invader’s Panyard from 7:00PM.

Alzheimer’s Posse – Moonlight Birthday Run – Oct 13

6 Oct

Alzheimer's Posse - Moonlight Birthday Run - Oct 13 2011

Apparently this stalwart Alzheimer’s Posse member is anxious to trade in his membership for something resembling a garden view suite at Green Acres Retirement Home. They say age ain’t nothing but a number but then again, who knows!

This “Boy Blunder” requests the honor of having a run in recognition of the anniversary of his birth – not a humble request by anyone’s standards. Being born illegitimately doesn’t account for turning out to be one bastard of a human being!

…However, the prospect of downing a dozen or so beers seems to elevate the significance of this event.
So hear this:

Birthday Run under Moonlight

  • Date: Thursday October 13th, 2011
  • Site: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Panyard, Tragarete Road, POS
  • Time: 05:15PM (17:15HRS)
  • Hared by: Forklift

Invitation to Die Hards Band Lime

23 Sep

Invitation to Die Hards Band Lime

Invitation to Die Hards Band Lime

Die Hards are dusting off the cobwebs and getting a move on. At first – the name of the band was going to be “All that Jazz” but out of respect for the legendary bandleader himself we have changed the name to RAZMATAZ. To excite and dazzle.

So everyone – all our friends, supporters and well wishers please join us for a social evening on September 30th, at Invaders Pan Yard on Tragarete Road opposite the Oval. There is parking next door to the yard that we have gotten permission to use. $20.00. First come first serve.

Contribution at the door will be 50.00 ttd and you will get 20.00 ttd in bar chits. Drinks on sale at ‘yard’ prices (cheeeep)

Of course DJ Syndicate (the best) will be there and there will be a surprise visit from the best Doubles and Corn Soup to be found. And you know I speak the truth.

Look forward to seeing all of you from 4.00 pm.
Die Hards Gang.

Die Hards Facebook Page Die Hards TnT Carnival Band