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Run Directions – Run#938 – Las Lomas

16 Oct

Directions to Reed Harper’s Birthday Bash Hash!
Run: 938
Date: October 22nd 2016
Site: Las Lomas
Hares: Reed et al
DIRECTIONS: From POS head East on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and turn right onto the Tumpuna South Road (2nd traffic light after Pricesmart. Drive straight down, keeping on the main road, until you reach the church by San Rafael Junction. Make a right by the roundabout to head into Brazil/Las Lomas and drive for approx. 2 minutes until you come to a Y junction (that has red arrows pointing left and right). Turn right and drive until you reach Las Lomas No. 3 intersection (there is a red house on the corner). Turn right at the intersection and drive a short distance until you reach the mini mart on the right hand side. Look for the HHH signs. Roti on sale!
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10 Oct

Date: Wednesday 12th October
Time: 5:15 pm
Site: On Mucurapo ( Bar before Hott Shoppe going West)
Hares: F and M
Wear Pink

On On!