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POSHHH Independence Day Red Dress Charity Pub Crawl

25 Aug

DATE: August 31st 2016
TIME: 3:30 pm
SITE: Emoticons Bar: Corner Maraval and Tragarete Roads, POS
HARES: A very very fast man and a very very slow man

CHARITY: Kistow Children’s Home, Arima
We kindly ask for donations of $100 but will accept any amount.

Come out in your RED DRESS!

On On!

Red dress Collage

Run Directions – Run#934 – Flanagin Town

20 Aug

Run: 934
DATE: 27th August, 2016
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Flanagin Town
HARES: David Morand et al

DIRECTIONS: Drive East from POS on Churchill Roosevelt Highway. Head South on Solomon Hochoy Highway, exit at Chaguanas by Bhagwansingh Hardware. Travel East on Old Longdenville Road to Blue Eclipse Bar in Longdenville, turn right/South. Stay on this road (pass Ravine Sable) for approx. 14kms to T-junction. (First HHH sign). Turn left and quickly, at Brasso Police post, turn right on Telemaque Road. Go to T-junction, turn left. Continue on this road 5 minsto run site. Large radar or radio dome…….
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20 Aug

Date: Monday 22 Aug 2016
Time: 5:15PM !! Be Early
Site: D’ Jep Nest Bar, Maraval

From POS proceed towards Maraval/ Maracas on Saddle Road. Go extent of Saddle Road until NP Quik Shoppe Gas Station at Morne Coco Road junction (Maraval Police Station, TT Post). Turn (LEFT) onto Morne Coco Rd and continue until intersection with Saut d’Eau Road (Paramin Jeep Stand). Run site is D’ Jep Nest Bar at the intersection.

Parking: Continue along Saut d’Eau Rd, past the run-site. Ample parking along road and side streets just before base of Paramin hill.
Traffic: School is closed but there is usual traffic entering Boissiere Village & outside Shoppes of Maraval. Leave a bit earlier!!

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15 Aug

The second WWW run is On On!

DATE: Wednesday August 17th 2016
SITE: Hog & Whistle (Corner Ariapita Ave and De Verteuil Street)
TIME: 5:15 p. m.
HARES: Betty & Jamie

THEME: Accessorize Olympic. Run with your sporting accessories…e.g. Goggles, Football, Javelin, Oar, Swim cap, Helmet etc.

The first run was awesome…you don’t want to miss the 2nd cycle :D

Run Directions – Run#933 – Matura Village

4 Aug

RUN: 933
DATE: 13th August 2016
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Thomas Trace, Matura Village
HARES: Ivan/Gerry/Christian/Local Villager/Plus one more

Directions: Proceed east on EMR to Valencia Village. At “Y” junction, stay to the left side and drive through the hills on Valencia Road. At the “T” junction turn left on Toco Main Rd to Matura Village – approx. 15-20mins drive. Pass Nature Seekers Office on left side of roadway and approx. 200m after, turn left onto Thomas Trace {Lookout for HHH sign}. Drive into Thomas Trace for approx. 2kms or until you arrive at Nanda Trace of the left side of gravel road. This is the run site.

Boxed Meal = $35.00


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