Run Directions – Run#951 – Tabaquite

19 Mar

RUN: #951
DATE: 25th March, 2017
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: Tabaquite
HARES: Randall et al

DIRECTIONS: Take Churchill Roosevelt Hwy. exit at the Chaguanas exit and turn left to Montrose. Follow road Pass Ravine Sable, Caparo, Mamoral, Flanigan Town until you get to Tabaquite Government School. Turn left and follow road for 5 miles until you get to TPD Road, turn left. The run site is 1000 yards ahead. Roti on sale.

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14 Mar

Reminder about tomorrow’s WWW Run !……:D

Date: Wednesday March 15th 2017
Time: 5:15 pm
Site: Hog and Whistle, Ariapita Avenue
Hares: A couple of ladies seeking redemption
Theme: Full Moon (sort of), Pajama Run

Please note that Sjae Sjae will be there with socks and POSHHH t shirts to sell, so walk with extra $$$

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Run Directions – Run#950 – Ortinola, St. Joseph

1 Mar

Run: 950
Date: 11th March 2017
Time: 3:30 pm
Site: Ortinola, St. Joseph
Hares: Mafia Crew

Head north on the Uriah Butler Extension. After crossing the Buss Route at the Mount Hope Medical Sciences Complex, turn right onto the Eastern Main Road heading east. After approximately 3 minutess turn left, heading north onto Abercrombie Street (the traffic light at the brand new St. Joseph Police Station). Head north for approximately 12 minutes and turn right onto Ocono Road (the first right after passing the University of the Southern Caribbean). Continue on Ocono Road for approximately 8 minutes, keeping left at Caurita Rd & at Coosal’s Quarry. Run site at left of the end of Ocono Road. Note that Abercrombie Street ends at the bailey bridge (traffic light) and is thereafter Maracas Royal Road.
Food on Sale: Doubles ($5.00), Chicken meal ($40.00), Fish meal ($45.00).


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Run Directions – Run#949 – Pub House

17 Feb

RUN: 949
DATE: Carnival Saturday (February 25th 2017)
TIME: 3.30 pm
SITE: The Avenue Pub House
HARES: Betty et al

Directions: The Avenue Pub House, #73 Ariapita Avenue
Port of Spain (obliquely opposite Frankie’s).

Contribution – $40
(For your $40.00 you will be pleasantly surprised)

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Run Directions – Run#948 – Guico Tamana

6 Feb

RUN: 948
DATE: 11th February 2017
TIME: 3.30pm
SITE: Guaico Tamana
HARES: Wanna be VH?

Directions: From POS, head east on the CHR Highway, pass through Valencia and proceed on the Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande. At the 1st traffic light turn right unto Guaico Tamana Road and continue driving for approximately 12km staying on the Main Road (no turn offs). Follow the HHH signs to Valesquez Road, and turn right. Continue on Valezquez Road and follow the HHH signs to the run site “Gaia Farm”. Parking along the dirt road leading to Gaia Farm and Duprey Trace. Approximate time from POS to run site 1hr 30mins. Be on time!
Arabic food on sale Beef, Chicken or Veg $40.00

DJ on hand – fete after

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Run Directions – Run#947 – Chaguaramas

24 Jan

RUN: 947
DATE: January 28th 2017
TIME: 3:30
HARES: Ex Hash Masters
SITE: Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force Reserves HQ, Chaguaramas

Leave Port of Spain and head west on the Western Main Rd. Go through St. James to Cocorite and keep left at the fork in the Road as you leave Cocorite. Go past the Falls at West Malls through West Moorings, Goodwood Park, Point Cumana and Carenage into Chaguaramas. Take the first right after Pier 1 onto Tucker Valley Road. Continue on Tucker Valley road till you pass Samaan Park on your right. Immediately after Samaan Park there is a fenced compound with a pair of Goal posts. This is the run site, Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force Reserves HQ.


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Invitation from Grenada H3

11 Jan