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Trash Run – #846

17 Oct

hash trash 842


Photos – Blanchisseuse Again 2013

29 Sep

Blanchisseuse Again 2013

Run Directions – Run #846

25 Sep

Paria, Blanchisseuse
Saturday 28 Sept 2013
Run Time 3.30 PM
Hares Morand, Doon, Kern, Rishi and Dominique

Depart POS. Proceed through Maraval and onto the North Coast Rd passing Maracas Bay, Las Cuevas Bay, La Fillet Village and past Blanchisseuse Village. Drive past Blanchiseusse on North coast road, and over the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge on the north coast road to Paria. About five minutes after bridge, arrive at hash site.
Pooling in trucks/ 4X4’s not a bad idea. Food available after.


Trash Run – #842

18 Aug

hash trash 842


Photo Gallery – Blanchisseuse 01 2013

17 Aug