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Directions – RUN#891 – Maracas Bay

20 Apr

RUN:     #891

DATE:   25th April 2015

TIME:    3:30 p.m.

SITE:      Doon’s Residence, Maracas Bay


DIRECTIONSHead to Maracas Beach.  Pass the public car park on the right and all the famous bake and shark food huts. Continue driving slowly and in a couple seconds you will see a gas station on the right just before Uncle Sam’s Bar. Before the gas station there is a road on the right.  Turn into that road and make the first left turn and drive straight.  Follow the HHH signs.  The last house is Doon’s residence and the run site.


Trash Run – #889 – YARA

15 Apr

POSH3-trash-run-889-page0001 POSH3-trash-run-889-page0002

Directions – RUN#890 – Salybia

7 Apr
  • RUN:     #890
  • DATE:   11th April 2015
  • TIME:    3:30 p.m.
  • SITE:      Salybia
  • HARES: Marlay, Gerry, Boodhu

DIRECTIONS: From POS proceed to Valencia, head left towards  Toco.  After crossing the bridge in Salybia make an immediate left and drive 5mins to run site (look out for HHH signs).






Trash Run – #888 – Leilani Estate

7 Apr

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