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Run Directions – Run#902 – Las Lomas

25 Aug

RUN:    #902
DATE:  August 29, 2015
TIME:   3:30 p.m.
SITE:     Las Lomas 
HARES: Sabah and The Rastaman et al

DIRECTIONS: From POS head East on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway and turn right onto the Tumpuna South Road (2nd traffic light after Pricesmart. Drive straight down, keeping on the main road, until you reach the church by San Rafael Junction. Make a right by the roundabout to head into Brazil/Las Lomas and drive for approx. 2 minutes until you come to a Y junction (that has red arrows pointing left and right). Turn right and drive until you reach Las Lomas No. 3 intersection (there is a red house on the corner). Look for HHH signs. Turn right at the intersection and drive a short distance until you reach the mini mart on the right hand side. The hash site is an empty lot just opposite the mini mart.

There is a roti shop nearby and food is being arranged.

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Your 900Run T Shirt is Waiting to go Home with You!

20 Aug

HM Allan will be at Northern Rugby Club from 5:50 pm today (Thursday) with your T’s. 

Also feel free to call Allan (788 8959), Michelle (741 9125), or Kemba (394 8979) to make arrangements to collect or to place an order.  $85 T shirts:  $125 Polos. Ladies V necks also available.


Not sure if you placed an order?  Call us or check our Facebook page(Port of Spain Hash House Harriers) for the list.


Photos – Run#898 – Piparo

18 Aug
Image 18 Aug

hash site


Photos – Run #899 – Arena

18 Aug

Run Directions – Run#901 – Cameron Road

11 Aug

RUN:     #901

DATE:   15th August 2015

TIME:    3.30 pm

SITE:    Cameron Road

 HARES: David, Crystal Nigel, Daphne, Vaughn, Dominique, Dwayne

DIRECTIONS TO CAMERON GANGA RUN: From Western Main Road enter highway to Diego Martin. At either the second or third traffic lights, turn right, travel to T junction, turn left onto Morne Coco Road. Morne Coco road makes a sharp right followed by an ‘S’ bend (Past St Anthony’s church on right and panyard on left. There is a new apartment condominium complex after and at the corner of Cameron Road and a cemetery just after turn. Proceed up Cameron Road. You will be climbing up or level about 5 minutes until a sharp cresting of the hill down. This is run site.  This run will surprise many as there is varied terrain and  beautiful waterfalls to see!!

Carpooling recommended !

Run needs to start on time, so don’t be late!

Roti on Sale:- Beef, Chicken & Veggie


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Hash Trash – #899 – Arena

11 Aug