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Run Directions – Run#1015 – Preysal

29 May

Run #1015
Date: June 1st 2019
Time: 3:15pm
Hares: Rum Runners
Site: Preysal

Take CR highway heading south.
Take Couva exit and turn left.
Drive for about 30 minutes. Look for HHH signs.

Food on Sale: Chicken Pelau
Provision and peas
$30 each
Contact Mindy, (769 0675) or comment on the Facebook post to order by Friday at 6:00 pm.

Run Directions – Run#1014 – Balandra

15 May

Run#: 1014
Site: Arthur’s Bar, Balandra

From POS head east on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway passing, Trincity and Arima making your way to Valencia. On approaching the Valencia Junction with the Police post on the right, the road splits into two directions. PLEASE stay left proceeding towards the TOCO main road. On approaching the Toco main road PLEASE make another left and make your way to Arthur’s Bar Balandra.

Parking is available on the streets before the bar. NO ONE is allowed to park in front or opposite the bar. Both areas are designated for the Down-Down and post Down Down action!

Food on sale:
(and yes PlENTY of drinks as well.
All Beers at Arthur’s Bar – 2 for $20 TTD).

There are 2 food vendors on site. You may purchase from either.

Aunty Kay’s special prices:
Chicken $45
Pork $50
Fish $60
Souse will also be on sale to sober up after your drunk state.
$20,$30 and $40 Chicken and Pork depending on size.

Prices are not available for the 2nd vendor.

An additional note from THE CAGE SHAKERS – WHO LOVE TO PONG:

This run is gonna be awesome and will be followed by an after lime/party. We strongly suggest that you find yourself on a Maxi, carpool (with a designated driver) or stay in Toco. Because you are most likely to be leaving Balandra in a ‘state’.

There is the usual Jenny’s Bus or CONTACT JAP @ 683-1325.

Come with your A game! That is your running, walking and drinking face!!!!!

Accommodation seconds away from the Run Site:
If you wish to walk to your bed following the fun,
ROOMS are $400 per night.
DOUBLE and TRIPLE Occupancy
For further information please contact kerry @ 727-3585.

ON ON to Balandra!