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Run Directions – Run#930 – Piparo

23 Jun

RUN: 930

DATE: July 2nd 2016

TIME: 3.30 pm

SITE: Debbie & Rory’s Bar

HARES: Rum Runners

Head South on Solomon Hochoy Highway. Exit on the Gasparillo Bypass Road (turn off before the San Fernando turn off). Drive to the end of this road. At T-junction turn RIGHT on to Guaracara Tabaquite Road. Drive until you see Starwalk Restaurant and Supermarket……… will make a LEFT into Wiliamsville, you will still be on the Guaracara Tabaquite Road. Drive until you meet a “Y” and you will keep RIGHT bringing you onto Sister’s Road. Follow Sister’s Road past the Triveni Mandir until you reach Thomas Cross Road, where you will make a LEFT. Follow this road until you reach a WASA Sub station, here you will make a RIGHT and after about 100m you will see Debbie and Rory’s Bar.”


Whatsapp Rebels Run#927: Chaguaramas – Another Perspective

7 Jun

Whatsapp Rebels Run#927, Chaguaramas

7 Jun

Alternate Saturday Hash

7 Jun

Alternate Saturday Hash!
(some Hasheers will be in St. Vincent but there will still be a great run)

RUN: Alternate Run
DATE: 18th June, 2016
TIME: 3:30 p.m.
SITE: St. Anns
HARES: Peter Dickson
DIRECTIONS: Head to Queen’s Park Savannah, turn left into St. Anns at the roundabout [ Queens Hall]. Drive north past the turn off to Normandie Hotel, till you meet St Anns Avenue [about 1/2 mile]. It is the very next left with a green grocer on the corner . Drive to the end of the road till you meet the HHH sign. If coming from the East it might be better to approach the Savannah via the Lady Young Road and turn right at the Roundabout.
The Hash Bar will be in effect. Walk with your POSHHH Cup!
On On!


Battle of the Sexes at the Hash on June 2nd!

2 Jun

The Whatsapp Rebels will be hosting the Battle of the Sexes after the run on Saturday at Sailing Association.

Let us see which sex will come out on top (that did not sound right.)
Let us see which sex will come first (wrong again)
Let us see which sex will come last (wrong again)
Let us see which sex will be victorious (definitely more acceptable)

So stick around after the hash and avoid the Saturday evening traffic