Up-coming Events

  • The HASH KAISO COMPETITION returns in 2016
    Date: Saturday 6th Feb 2016

    Start writing your calypso which MUST BE HASH RELATED
    Lookout for Grand prizes like an all expenses paid trip to River Estate or a one day tour of Laventille, six doubles from Debe and many more prizes

Recurrent Events

POS H3 Hashers Saturday Pre-set Hash Run Every other Saturday, 3:30pm Just about anywhere in Trinidad & Tobago. Overseas Caribbean once per year. See Hareline POS H3 Mis-management Keep posted to Facebook Page for updates
Another bunch of Hashers Monday Live Hash Run Every other Monday, 5:15pm Port of Spain and its sub-urban environs The Other Hash Nothing intelligent
Some hashers and then some Thursday Run on Foreshore Freeway Every Thursday, 5:00pm Caribs Rugby Football Club, Emperor Valley Zoo, Port of Spain Zam, Colin Another good reason to down some beer
A bunch of hashers Football “small-goal” “sweat!” Tuesday on hash run week, Monday otherwise, 4:45pm Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain (outside Grand Stand) Hashers on BBM. Justin, Martin, Russell Football = Soccer. “small-goal” = huh? “sweat!” = wha? Another gathering for drinks afterwards..nice!!
Hash Volleyballers Exactly! Saturday on non-hash week, 3:30pm Volleyball area, Western end of Maracas beach Nevie, David (Morand), Wahid Walk with your cooler…there’s always Richard’s!
Alzheimer’s Posse AZP” for short. Thursday Run/ Lime Every Thursday, 5:00pm Until the eviction notice, usually: Caribbean Airlines Invaders Pan Yard, Tragarete Road, Woodbrook. Christine This bunch has managed to spilt the difference between the Foreshore Run and no run at all! Nature walks on non-hash Saturdays. Drinks afterwards is the only constant. Go figure!!

Any other info needed please contact POSH3 Mis-management.

One Response to “Events”

  1. Sandra Hamilton September 28, 2014 at 4:11 PM #

    Thanks to The Iron Lady, and You the POSH3.For Introducing me to The rest of my life. The only Bush I knew in port of Spain, is Bushe St. The Botanic Gardens was something to drive around, I never saw the interior till recently. Maracas Beach? The traffic was always enough to keep me away from that place. I am now going to places in Trinidad I cannot even spell. Ashe, by now you should know, it is not your fault. I do not look good in photos. God made me just so. I am even segregating my garbage. Something I never did before. Hashing, has it’s ups and downs. And I pray, that wherever we go, we have a good time and return home safely to our families. LET NO HASHER BE LEFT BEHIND

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