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GH3-PH3 Special Hash at Nieuw Nickerie March 17th 2012

28 Mar

Run Directions – Run #804

26 Mar

SATURDAY 31, MARCH, 2012 – 3.30 PM

Date: March 31, 2012
Time: 3:30p.m.
Hares: The Undertakers
Run Site: Mayaro

Drive through Valencia, Sangre Grande, Manzallina to Mayaro take a right on the T junction over the hill to the market, take a left at the market and drive approximately 2-3 miles to Off-shore Bar taking a left at the bar drive straight to the T junction taking a left then a right at the next T junction to the run site. Look for HHH sighs by Off-Shore Bar (Eccles Road turn left).

POSH3 Easter Kite Flying Lime

22 Mar

POSH3 Easter Kite Flying

POSH3 Easter Sunday Kite Flying

Date: Sunday 8th April , 2012

Venue: Queens Park Savannah opposite White Hall

Time: 2:00 p.m.

We flying kite…or at least we will try together….bring your Chikee chong, Mad Bull

(or what ever kinda wind machine you have) or just come.

Bring your cooler with drinks and join de lime for a fun filled afternoon.


Trash Run #802

21 Mar

Web Address:

MIS-MANAGEMENT MINISTERS                        

Hash Master/Iron Lady: Mumtaz Amarali – 625-3617 ext 29436 (O) 478-6799    email address:

Assistant Hash Master: Pradeep Subrian – 678-2372                                         email address:       

Finance Minister:Lorin Paton – 622-5806 (0)

Communications Minister:Zameer Ali –    678-9172                                           email

Social Development Minister:Arthur Seebalack – 461-5665                               Arts & Culture Minister:Janine Winston

Health Minister:Tiza Matura – 683-4848                                                                 Foreign Affairs Minister:Colin Sorias

Sport & Youth Development Minister:Martin Griffith – 681-9552                   Works & Transport Minister: Ashe Holder

Independent Senators : Betty Agostini and Diane Henderson

Hairline Salma Khan – 753-8843                                                                       email address:


RUN: #802                SCRIBE: Mr Speaker            RUN SITE: Tacariga

DATE: March 3, 2012      HARES: Marlon Newallo, Sahadeo, Victor Smith and Eggy

This was the weekend when the Vote of No Confidence against the Iron Lady was the main item on the country’s agenda and it had created widespread national interest. However, before the motion was to be dealt with, she called all the faithful to a walkabout in the Tacarigua Constituency. This was to gather popular support as she sought to defeat the motion against her.

The crowds were there in their numbers and we all expected a sea of yellow jerseys.  However, the four main supporters (she called them hares) who were to spearhead the walkabout were wearing white jerseys and this seemed curious especially as one was known to be a COP.

And so at the appointed hour, the crowd set off on the walkabout. It soon became apparent that this regime did not know what they were about – No sense of direction – ever so often they were losing their way and had to turn back and the people were becoming frustrated. Talk about missteps! At some stages, the walkabout truly reflected life in the country – a long uphill struggle. For some, the river presented an opportunity to ease their daily frustration with WASA as they gleefully had a bath. The roads that were traversed during the walkabout were in a deplorable condition and the Minister of Works was strangely silent. Eventually everyone made their way back from the walkabout.

No sooner had they returned, the supporters got down to the eats and drinks that were available for consumption. Clearly, the rum and roti politics is still with us.

The time was approaching for the motion to be dealt with by the House. This was when the Hon.Ashe, Minister of Works was caught trying to set up the Speaker. However, he is in the Iron Lady’s good books and so he escaped being sent before the Privileges Committee.  Arguments started flying left and right, for and against the motion. The Iron Lady called on all the visitors to come forward and show themselves (she called them virgins) and she said that this was clear evidence of the good work being done by her Minister of Tourism. The Opposition pointed to the fact that things had become so tough in the land that some of the Iron Lady’s supporters were barefooted on the walkabout as they could not afford to buy shoes. The Iron Lady was criticized over her published itinerary of overseas trips to International Hash Conferences in Grenada in April and Panama in June –they say “like she always on a plane.” Meanwhile, an old has been politician named Nevie sat alongside the Iron Lady throughout the proceedings and she explained that she doesn’t like to be too far from Booze.

Word went around that Calder Hart was present and the Iron Lady initiated steps to have him apprehended but it turned out that it was an old hasher from Barbados and he is called Hart. She tried to save face by commending him for buying his new sneakers in T&T and so helping out the local economy.  As expected, the spectre of corruption reared its ugly head as the Member for the Toco Constituency was accused of having individuals set a hash in the Tacarigua Constituency and he simply used his vast resources to buy it over. It was also reported to the Speaker that there was an altercation between two individuals in the vicinity of the proceedings and someone named Griffith was overheard saying that he could take on cocks at any time. Many were surprised at this and the Speaker promised an investigation into the matter.

Lee was most present walking around speaking to anyone who would listen but no one got into a Row with him – how could this motion ever succeed ?

At the end of it all, the Iron Lady stood tall (if that is really possible?) stating that notwithstanding the assortment of Mismanagement Ministers, her partnership was strong and she reiterated her earlier pronouncement that the motion was frivolous, vexatious and without substance. She asserted in no uncertain terms that in her administration, Ashe worth Jack and he will maintain his position which will always be on TOP.

Dishonourable Members, the House now stands adjourned to Arima on March 17 2012.

P.S.  A number of the young female members did catch the Speaker’s eye but it    appeared that they did not wish to speak.

The Speaker also reported not hearing anyone “beg to move” but before he knew it, members had moved to the constituency office at Lance Bar.


From the Office of the Iron Lady (I have got the Power)

Partnerships and mergers that was run #802 in Tacarigua, Marlon who always sets runs in Toco decided to join forces with Victor from Tacarigua and set the run in that area, even though we were at that run site last year the run was up to the hash standards, it was set by men.

New Shoes: Roger Hart

Poofter: Marlon Newallo (hare) for calling Victor and asking him to orgainse the run and having him  do all the work and only showing up on the day of the run .

Welcome Virgins: Nikola Nothnagel, Georgia Fojo, Ryan Joseph, Thao Joseph, Zoe Klasmeyer, Vijay Mahabir, Nikhil Maharaj, Richard Abraham, Stephanie Ramkissoon, Roger Singh, Karina Sadal, Ibrihim Gittens, Ainsley Cato, Dionne Snaggs, Dr Hema, Dr T. Ganesh, Revath Ganesh, Gert Breur, Marlon Boucaud, Janina Boettel, Lisa Lucles


 Date: 31st March, 2012                                                       Time: 3:30p.m.  

Hares: Hash Master & The Undertakers                            Run Site: Mayaro

Drive through Valencia, Sangre Grande, Manzallina to Mayaro take a right on the T junction over the hill to the market, take a left at the market and drive approximately 2-3 miles to Off-shore Bar taking a left at the bar drive straight to the T junction taking a left then a right at the next T junction to the run site. Look for HHH sighs by Off-Shore Bar.



GRENADA – APRIL 25 – 29, 2012

PANAMA – JUNE 6 – 10, 2012 (check taz for info and payment details)

MARCH 30 – APRIL 1, 2012


We are overnighting, we have a beach house (limited beds available), you can also walk with your camping bags and tents if you are sleeping out doors. Proper washroom facilities available.
Kitchen facilities and outdoor grill available for cooking. (check taz for more info)

2012 Hareline

Trash Run #801

14 Mar

Trash Run 801 – Carnival Run

Get it here. [ 4.5MB]