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Trash Run #832

13 Apr


A Drinking Club with a running problem

Commit-T 2013

Hash Master Pradeep Subrian psubrian[at]bluewaterstt.com 678-2372
Assistant Hash Master Colin Sorias colinsorias[at]facebook.com
Hash Cash Lorin Paton 622-5806
Hareline Salma Khan salmakhan_10[at]hotmail.com 753-8843
Hash Booze Ashe Holder
On-Sec Marita Guevara mcguevar[at]tstt.co.tt
Members Betty Agostini, Diana Henderson, Randall Lyon, Martin Griffith, Derek De Freitas, Marguerite Aanensen, Raymond Wyver, Dave Blunden, Joanne Esdale, Eric DeSilva

Web Address: https://posh3.wordpress.com

DATE: March 30th, 2013
RUN: #832
SITE: Moora Dam, Penal
HARES: Nico, Andre, Tiza

Well….the anticipation of what kind of turnout and who going to the hash was on my mind as I started to do the Saturday routine to prepare for the hash. Calling around to make sure that all is set with the hares, bar and the HHH signs. And me…..it take couple hours to get prepared with he down downs items making sure all is on board to give a good fix to those in need for a good punishment.

I got a call to say that an old hasher is in town but could not find any of her old hash friends going to the hash so I accepted the invitation to give her a ride and so I journeyed to St. James to pick her up and it was a delighted site and a pleasure to have her accompany me to Penal, it made the journey such a pleasure talking about hash and other topic that were mutual. The time given was one hour and forty five minutes but with no traffic, it took just over an hour so most people was at the site very early. The anchor spot was a huge blue bar on the Penal main road with quite a huge car park making it easy to us……we took over the car park and I was wandering where his customers would park but the owner was very accommodating……yes its south, can’t happen in north a hasher commented. Gosh, it so hot! …….ah hope it have trees to shelter us during the run and that type of comments. everyone had enough time to settle down and out came a hare with bunny rabbit wear with a cleaver note at the back of the underwear that had the cameras flashing and the men commenting.

The hash was called to order and the hares were introduced and did the briefing and we were on our way even though the hares could not complete the briefing but in true hashers style….”why are we waiting” and so we were off. It was a road run for the first 200 meters and a right turn into an old sand pit with the heat of the sand making it a difficult start coupled with an early long back check. We had to turn back and head right into the trails but not without a bull having to secure his range by running after anyone who came close ” oh gosh, watch out….the bull coming” and so they scamper to get around that first obstacle. Up and about and the pleasant site of the Dam….” Look we reach the Dam….we should stay here” a few hashers commented but it was over the dam and around it but…….we reach the On On In? and yes it was but we knew that was the wrong way. “This place have bulls” and “look out, ah nex bull coming” and it was one female hasher who nearly got butt but the bull hesitated “you lucky is not a man”…..again, we had to pass around. The trails were pretty good with enough space to get by the slower ones. “Oh shit” with hands on waist, stups and wet, a few new comers catching their “nen nen” as they thought it was a run over but far from it. They started to walk and kept up with the middle pack….”them hashers good yeh” ……as some of the aged hashers pass them like a bus heading south on the highway. “Boy…I had too much to drink last night…..oh gosh….it was too hot…..ah did not pace myself…..the last hill caught me” were some of the excuses from the se youngsters. The walkers seems to have fun….a cool and relaxing walk for them. It was about 5.5 miles in one and a half hours for the front pack and two hours for the rest who did the full trail. It was a good sweat……but hot and humid.

The food seems to be a hit…”leh me go and get meh money and get the curry early before it finish” …..and so there was a line up so much so the price went up from an advertised $35.00 to $45.00 but no matter what, the food finished. The down down started allowing for hasher to freshen up, have a few and buy the curry. We had 12 virgins, consistent to the other hash and the HM called them but they had to eat an egg and then drink the beer…..fun…”oh sit…ah really have to do this?…..yes was the answer and supported by the hares and hard core hasher…..the down down for the virgins was done with some fun. The Poofter nomination was easy….the TT&TEC man Harold was a good nominee for the Easter Friday blackout and he also call two others working with TT&TEC but it was the Hare Andre seemed to get the nod from the hashers as he had the two HHH signs at the back of his van…..”First hash with no HHH directional sign” shouted some of the hashers and endorsed by the others in the loud and chanting….”Andre….Andre….Andre”. And then Spods and Texas Blow for holding hands and throwing colored power on fellow hashers to celebrate Pagwah. It was a tie, and Andre wore the dirty, wet stink Poofter shirt and drank the beer with the hand holding the beer in the PVC while spuds drink out of the boobs cup “boy drink from the nipple” he missed it….in experienced but will learn quickly and Texas Blow drank out of the potty.

The after lime was good after which some choose to support the bar and others headed to the famous Debe huts to do the traditional stuff, buy some Indian delicacies.


It was great to see the loyal hashers back in full force enjoying the fun of the hash and supporting in their usual fashion to make a good hash. The site was very enjoyable a was indeed virgin territory as promised by Nico and he and his hares did a good job of utilization the terrain very well. It was a well-timed run with the good checks to include some nice back checks bringing the pack together. The down down was fun….off course, I enjoy doing it and engaging the hashers to be the judge. We were disappointed with the food prices moving from the agreed price from $35.00 to $45.00 when the demand was there, they took advantage of the situation….poor taste!…..anyway, we had fun, a good run and after lime and considering that it was Easter weekend, we had a very good turn out.

Virgins: Alisha, Nicholas, Dionne, Marc, Devina, Inshanie, Kelon, Keith, Paul, Onika, Sonia, Emma, Maria, Sue, Faris, Aisha

New Shoes: Vanessa, Alisha, Dexter, Zarid, Marlon, Sue, Kyle, Carol, Onika

Poofter: Andre Ache,Spuds and Texas Blow

From the HASH MASTER ……….ON ON!


DATE: April 27th, 2013
HARES: Nevie
RUN SITE: Chaguaramas Golf Course Clubhouse
Time: 3.30pm

Drive west past WEST MALL and head to Carenage passing the new board walk and just after passing Pier 1…….turn right onto the golf Course road. Continue driving along that road for a couple of minutes until you see a sign “Chaguaramas Golf Course” on the left. Turn left into that road and drive until you reach the club house where the run site is.

833 April 13, 2013 Doon (Birthday Bash Run – BBR) Maracas Bay
(Doon’s Residence)
834 April 27, 2013 Nevi Boos Chagaramas
835 May 11, 2013 Antonio Lopez/Eric Aripo
836 May 25, 2013 Marlon Newallo Toco
837 June 8, 2013 Uncle Ray

Photo Gallery – Moora Dam 2013

30 Mar

Run Directions – Run#832

18 Mar


DATE: Sat 30th March, 2013
HARES: Nico, Andre, Derrick, Tiza
RUN SITE: Electric Blue Bar, Penal
Time: 3.30pm

Drive to the end of the Solomon Hochoy Highway at Golconda and take a left at the roundabout followed by an immediate right after 200m, at the traffic lights. Follow this road towards Debe and follow the signs for Penal. Once in Penal proper (landmark: the standing clock just before the market), follow the main road southwest towards Siparia for another 2.7km and take a right towards the Moora Dam for another 1km. This turn off is approximately 800m before the turn-off to the PowerGen Plant. So if you once you see PowerGen, you went too far! 4km until you see a very blue building on your left: Electric Blue Bar. This is 300m after the entrance to PowerGen (also on your left).  Total distance from lighthouse approx. 65km (about 1:15 1:30 – 1:45 hour drive). The site is easy to reach, also for cars, and there is sufficient parking. Food will be arranged.

Moora Dam Run 2013-03-17 14.22.05 2013-03-17 14.32.30 map-dam-hash-run-2013

Trash Run 770

12 Feb

Hash Trash Run 770

HASH MASTER Arthur Seebalack 461-5665 arturo999@live.com
HASH ASS Mumtaz Amarali 625-3617 x29436 mumtaz98@hotmail.com
ON-SEC/ HARELINE Salma Khan 753-8843 salmakhan_10@hotmail.com
HASH C$SH Lorin Paton 622-5806 (O)
HASH BOOZE Nevie Boos 637-3033 (H)
HASH SOFTIES Richard Marlay 351-3694
COMMITTEE Betty Agostini, Karen Hale, Ronald Mc Donald, Diane Henderson
Website Address: http://poshhh.org

770 January 22, 2011 Hadyn/Nico/Ashe/Taz Caura Cyberman THE MISSING PAGE

Line Break - On-On Feet

Houston we have a problem. One third of the trash has been lost and it is too late to contact Goldie Locks to rewrite page one.
So I called Mahashma for advice and he said “just fill the cyberspace with some crap. Anything would be better than what was probably written anyway. So let the moving write and having written stop."
Rumple Foreskin gave the script to Doc who gave to H.M. who gave it to Dental Assistant Venessa to type to send to Salma to print. You see how things can get cocked up. Venessa said she would try to remember what was on page one. It was something like this:
“Why do women like anal sex” the Mahashma was asked one day, in reply, the Mahashma said "they like it so they can catch up reading a book, do some ironing or email someone on their blackberry at the same time."
And now for page two over to Rumple Foreskin and the rest of the real trash………………..
Here we go now, up, up, up, quite a tough incline slowing the pack considerably as we started to feel the pain. I came across Numbnuts standing at a left fork in the trail, bitching about being tired and saying he ent going up there. He and Martin felt they should go left and so they did. I could see about 20 or so front runners ahead of me up and up to the top of the mountain, led by Big Mike and Derek. So although I was hurting, I took some comfort from the fact I was on the right trail. I could now hear Martin and Nuts calling ON ON but took heart from the fact the suckers had to come back and follow us up the mountain. I can see "Nico" up there with the front runners so I know we on the correct trail. Ozama Bin Hashin comes alongside me, telling me we going the wrong way. Why is that I asked? It’s a long back check to slow down the front runners he replied as he passed me. He must feel I chupid. Looking back I was alarmed to see I was last and no one following me, but I kept going up. Then I heard checking being called, much to my delight and made a last big effort and reached the check at the top feeling vindicated and somewhat smug. Whats that you say Nico:”on back”. I don’t believe this shit. Where’s that f***ing Zam? I’ll put my boot so far up his arse he’ll taste the boot polish.
Yachtie Dave streaked past me going down, chased by Teheli, Big Mike, Derek, Nico and others so about I turn and follow suit. We made quite a quick descent, turning right onto the correct trail and a nice downhill run. We must be 15 minutes behind the current front runners now, so that’s it all over. The trail now takes us down a ravine which is very muddy, slick and dangerous due to the previous hashers who went before eroding the trail, and into a river bed.

What’s this? We have caught the back pack crossing a river and a tough climb up and out of the ravine. At the top of the ridge we pick up a nice trail gently going down for a good mile or so running. We came round a bend and passed Mahashma standing talking to some chick, but no one else around. How odd. The trail now starts going down quite steeply left, right, left, right, a series of bends down to the road. It’s a funny old business hashing, because as our group emerged onto the road, to our left, we saw the new front runners coming back out the bush from what was obviously along false trail. We are now the front runners again. Can you believe that? Well, we took off at a speed along the road to the beer stop. But as we were so near home I didn’t see the point and kept going. At the road junction, we hit the”on in” and hung a left back to the cars. I trotted in with Randall (Mr. Christian) Lyon, the leader of the infamous Carnival Victory Mutiny. But that’s another story. Doc Paton made sure he beat us for bragging rights. One of the Claxton Bay posse had to show off by sprinting up the hill to the car park and even passing the Doc.
            Thank you Hares, this was a good workout, well set and enjoyable hash mainly keeping the pack together. This was a big turnout, probably 100 hashers.
            The usual after hash festivities ensued. I had my two beers before heading off home. In closing, as I was leaving I offered Doc Paton and Randall a beer. They both said no, we are being responsible. Can you believe that shit. Just goes to show age brings reason.

Line Break - On-On Feet

Mahashma's Meditations

The second run of the year and possibly the best so far is over. The Hares get top marks for parking, plenty of room and surrounded by beautiful views. However, a word of advice to would be Hares……Keep away from bees. Find a track around them. Hashers don’t have brains and someone like Zam is going to do something stupid and disturb them. Four or five people got multiple stings and in some rare cases a single bee sting can kill individuals who are allergic to them. So, I repeat keep away from bees.

The Calypso Show is around the corner so give your names to Taz or myself and start composing.

Welcome to all the virgins there were so many including two busloads of yachties. Oh! So Many Virgins: Tiffany, Ludo, Porter, Vikki, Joel, Romanyne, Mischa, Hannah, Reginald, Alisha, Patricia, Osei, Daniel, Edith, Denis, Noelle, Honey, Mariella, Phillip, Rianna, Ryan, John and Ginny………any beers left???

The Poofter shirt went to Betty who after twenty years of hashing can’t tell the difference between a yellow cocoa pod and a paw-paw and to Helena for her disintegrating tights.

New Shoes: Simeon (Mahashma’s son: was he set up???)

Birthday Corner: Shawna, Gerry, Lawrence, Asha, Karen, Harty, Femia, Dianne, Flash and others.

Thank you Cyril for your rendition of "THE Best Hash Ever". Once again I found no enlightenment in Caura so I will try Blanchisseuse……..ON ON.

Line Break - On-On Feet


Date:19th February, 2011

Time:  3:30 p.m

Hares: Uncle Ray/Nick Drew/Darin Marshall

RunSite: El Zorro Trace, pass Maracas Bay


Take the North Coast Road and proceed to Blanchiesseuse. Take North Coast Road passing Maracas Bay; 4 miles after Maracas on the right-hand side look for HHH signs to El Zorro Trace. This is the hash site. Food: RICHARD’S BURGERS ON SALE!



770 January 22, 2011 Hadyn Als Caura
771 February 5, 2011 Doon Spring Bridge, Blanchisseuse
772 February 19, 2011 Uncle Ray El Zorro Trace past Maracas Bay
773 March 5, 2011 Betty Agostini Carnival Hash: Calypso Competition, Portuguese Club
774 March 19, 2011 Old Bats
775 April 2, 2011 Beerly Audble Cumana
776 April 16, 2011 Mountain Goats Blanchisseuse
777 April 30, 2011 Marlon Newallo
778 May 14, 2011 Lorin Paton/David Jamieson/Betty Agostini Reewat Memorial Run
779 May 28, 2011 East Infection Indian Arrival Weekend
780 June 11, 2011 The Three Wongs (David, Zachery, Zane)
  June 23 – 26 Overseas Hash Barbados
781 June 25, 2011    
782 July 9, 2011 The Posh
783 July 23, 2011 The Bush Whackers
784 August 6, 2011 Ivan Charles
785 August 20, 2011 Brian Dookie Anniversary Run
786 September 3 2011 Roger  
787 September 17 2011 Derek De Freitas  
788 October 1 2011 Allister Martin/Simon Wescott/Nathalie  
789 October 15 2011 Randall (Lall) Lyon  
790 October 29 2011 The Bimbos Tobago
791 November 12 2011 Kieron Alleyne  
792 November 26 2011 Central Posse  
793 December 10 2011 Hash Masters Run Christmas Party
794 December 24 2011 Taz/ Ashe  

Photo Gallery – Run 770 (Nico’s Pics)

23 Jan

Run 770 Caura