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Trash Run – #809 Panama

25 Jun

GH3-PH3 Special Hash Baganara & Bartica

24 Jun

Run Directions – Run #811

20 Jun

Run: #811
Date: Saturday 23 June 2012
Site: Chacachacare Island – depart from Pier 1
Hares: Wahid, Numbnuts, Marlon

Please be advised that for the DDI Hash Run #811, the boat departs Pier 1 @ 10:00am so everyone needs to be on time as there is only one trip that will accommodate all. TT$50.00 will be collected at the time of boarding, which will commence @ 09:00am.
The boat will stay at the jetty, so the washrooms will be available to the ladies and others.
Please remember to walk with your FOOD, as I ain’t catering for nobody, the HASH Cash Bar will be there, and it’s your choice to walk with your cooler.

PH3-POSH3 Hash – Thur 07 June 2012

19 Jun

H3M3 Run – Monday 18th June 2012

17 Jun

Date: Monday June 18th 2012
Time: 5:15pm (17:15hrs)

Site: Formerly Dos Santo Stands, Queen’s Park Oval, Tragarete Rd., St. Clair
Enter at big gate on Tragarete Rd. obliquely Opp. Invaders Pan Yard (i.e. next to All Out entrance). Proceed left past Stollmeyer Stand to empty area once occupied by the Sir Errol Dos Santos Stand. No parking in the Oval. Parking on Elizabeth St., Tragarete Rd. (South) & Havelock St.

Hares: Paton/ Sorias