Run Directions – Sat Oct 7 – Arena Forest

23 Sep

Date: Oct 7th 2017
Time: 3:30PM sharp!!
Site: Arena Forest Reserve, San Raphael
Hares: Paton L.L.C.
Arena Forest Reserve Run Site Oct 7th 2017

Directions: Proceed East along Beetham Highway/Churchill Roosevely Highway towards Arima. Take exit at Tumpuna Road & Churchill Roosevelt Hghwy (intersection directly after O’Meara). Proceed along Tumpuna Rd South for 2km until Manuel Congo Junction. Continue (veer right) along Tumpuna RT South for further 2km until San Raphael Junction (San dRaphael RC Church). Turn East (right) along Cumuto-Tamana Rd towards San Raphael/Cumuto for 1km until reach Arena Junction. Veer left and continue along Cumuto-Tamana Rd for 2.4km until Arena Forest Reserve Rest Site.

Driving Map (Click for larger):

Arena Forest Reserve Driving Map Oct 7th 2017

Parking: Park as directed on area opposite Rest Site (open area on North side Cumuto-Tamana Rd). No driving/parking on trail rides.

There will be Chicken/Saltfish/Veg meals in LIMITED quantity $35.00/meal. Please place bookings WA Only 279-4788, 305-1053.

A limited Hash Bar will be on-site. Once sold out we will move on to the “On-On-On”. Support your Hash Bar!

The after lime will be at the Forest View bar at Arena Junction. Live DJ, cutters, Beers $10, Pola 4/$20, Pilsner 3/$25, Guinness $15

Hash History
This is the original run site of POSHHH Run #2 set way back in 1984. [Run #1 was set in Caura]

Over time most of our pristine nature reserves have been laid waste to illegal dumping, littering and general neglect by our citizenry. You will be witness to this in several areas of the run. Let us set ourselves the exception rather than the norm! We ask you walk with a small garbage bag and pick up whatever garbage you may come across, either on parts of the run or in your immediate recreational area. Garbage Segregation Protocol would be in place for this run [again something that the hash leadership seems to have dropped on the wayside]. Limit your non-recyclable waste.

On On Arena Forest!!


Run Directions – Run#965 – Mission Bay, Toco

6 Sep

RUN: 965
DATE: 9th September 2017
SITE: Mission Village, Toco
TIME: 3:30
HARES: Pull Out Crew (again)

Directions: From POS proceed East via the Churchill Roosevelt Highway passing Nestle, FEDEX and Pricesmart all the way up to Valencia Junction. On approaching Valencia Junction you will see the Police post on the right, the road then splits. Stay left and proceed in the direction of the Toco Main Road. Drive for about 10K, approx. 25 to 30 mins. you will approach the Toco Main Road turnoff, turn left onto the Toco Main Road. From there you will pass Matura, Balandra, Cumana villages on the way to Toco.

Approaching Toco village you will see a triangle on the road please stay left, passing the MASSIVE Police Station on the left. From there drive for about 5 mins passing a small fishing depot on the right, then a power station on the left and you will see a wide open beach i.e. MISSION BRACH which is the run site.

There will be FOOD on sale.

Leave home with enough time! The drive usually takes about 2 hrs from POS. We advise the earlier the better!!!

On On to Mission!

RED DRESS RUN, now on the Republic Day Holiday – Monday September 25th 2017!

30 Aug

Run –   Red Dress Run
Date –  September 25th 2017
Place – San Fernando


Stay tuned for details.

On On!

POSH3 Overseas 2018 – Barbados

9 Aug

POSH3 Overseas June 2018

ANCHOR DOWN – We Comin’ In Hot !!


Hash Cruise Bulletin

25 Jul

Run Directions – Run#962 – La Tinta Bay, Chacachacare Island

24 Jul

Run: #962
Date: Sat 29th July 2017
Time: NOON!..yes 12:00PM sharp!!
Site: La Tinta Bay, Chacachacare Island
Hares:Team DDI (Drunk, Disorderly & Indecisive)

Big boat HHH cruisers: Pre-boarding at Pier 1, Chaguaramas from 8:30am. Stay tuned for your upcoming cruise bulletin.

All others: If you are planning on joining up with the hash at La Tinta, note there will be no hash bar on island. Walk with your drinks!

Tickets for the big boat are completely sold out. Call Ricky 765 6383 for information on an alternative ride to the island.

On On!

Run Directions – Run#960 – The Arboretum, Chaguaramas

27 Jun

RUN: #960
DATE: July 1st 2017
TIME: 3:30pm
HARES: Whatsapp Rebels
SITE: The Arboretum, Tucker Valley, Chaguaramas

Directions: From Port of Spain, head west to Carenage/ Chaguaramas. Just after CDA Police post (Pier II), turn right (north) onto Tucker Valley Road towards Macqueripe beach. Continue pass road to Chaguaramas golf course (Bellerand Rd) on left, then turn right just before Samaan Park parking lot (on right). Continue on road and turn right (at gate/ barrier) to Arboretum.